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What do repubs really mean when they say it\'s SOCIALISM to help the poor?


When republicans accuse leftwingers of being socialists it should be understood that what republicans are actually saying is that it’s wrong to financially help the following people:

  1. The disabled. They don’t even want to support disabled veterans who saved the country.

  2. The poor elderly. They want to just throw them out into the street to perish.

  3. The poor children. They want to throw them out onto the street to perish.

  4. The victims of discrimination. Repubs want to discriminate against people who look different, not allowing them to have jobs, and then after repubs deny these people jobs repubs also want to keep these people from getting welfare/food stamps. So basically republicans are saying they won’t hire you if you’re black (or some other minority) and they also won’t provide you a safety net. It is the minority person’s responsibility to accept that he/she is not allowed to have a job because repubs don’t want to hire the minority person and the minority person is also not allowed to be supported by republican tax dollars either. Minority persons have the responsibility to just die…not allowed to work to pay his/her own bills because repubs want to discriminate against them and not allowed to get help from the republican tax dollars…just die.

But not helping these people goes against God’s law, Jesus’s preachings, the way Jesus lived, and Jesus’s example for us to live by.

Conclusion: repubs are a bunch of of evil christian hypocrites who don’t even obey their own God, Jesus, or bible.


i said n/t.


Politics is a distraction so people don’t see what is really going on.

for real info see this video: http://www.911missinglinks.com/


The public has made up its mind about 9/11. Nothing is gonna change it.