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We will have a cure for cancer before we have a cure for hair loss


My prediction: a cure for cancer before we have a cure for hair loss:


Two out of 22 subjects being cured is hardly a cure for cancer. Twenty out of 22 of them did not get cured.


[quote][postedby]Originally Posted by jarjarbinx[/postedby]
Two out of 22 subjects being cured is hardly a cure for cancer. Twenty out of 22 of them did not get cured.[/quote]

How many you know in this world had been cured by Nigam, Intercytex, Aderans, Gho?


[quote][postedby]Originally Posted by jarjarbinx[/postedby]
Two out of 22 subjects being cured is hardly a cure for cancer. Twenty out of 22 of them did not get cured.

[postedby]Originally Posted by ipod[/postedby]

How many you know in this world had been cured by Nigam, Intercytex, Aderans, Gho?[/quote]

How many hair loss sufferers have already been cured by hair transplants? I read somewhere that about 50% of hair loss sufferers can be cured today by hair transplants.

Can 50% of cancer patients be cured today?

In a few years I think that the cure rate for aga could reach 80% or more as more and more progress is being made in hair loss cell based therapies (see the recent Sanford Burnham study), progress is being made with growth factors, and there is work being done to re-generate donor hair during hair transplants which would allow for repeat harvesting from the donor area and an unlimited donor supply.

I think that surely by 2020 the cure for at least 80% of aga sufferers will be on the planet, although it may have to go through some studies before it can be released into the marketplace. Do you think that there will be a cure on the planet for 80% of cancer sufferers by 2020?


I wouldn’t call hair transplant a cure by any stretch of imagination, there is no net hair gain from a hair transplant, you are merely moving existing follicles around, how is that a cure?


But the illusion of more hair is created. And in about 50% of men the results are pretty good. In a nutshell, it works in about 50% of men.


Many of the cancer patients have to undergo with the hair loss problem. The hair loss problem can be cured even after removing the cancer tumor from the body. Many technologies are available to eliminate the cancer tumor like rapid arc technology, Cyberknife treatment which does not give radiation side effects Long Island . Once the tumor is released from the body, after that treatment for hair loss can be taken.


Here is a list of the most promising studies. I honestly think that finally we may be making progress.


Warning: this will be a polemic answer.

Cancer has been cured many times with natural cures that have been suppressed.

Many people are curing their cancer themselves (mostly when the doctor tell them to go home to die).

Among the main cures:
hemp oil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDJX7GqsQoA

Vitamin B17: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=a+world+without+cancer+%28hq%29±+the+story+of+vitamin+b17±+g.+edward+griffin

Sodium Bicarbonate: https://www.cancertutor.com/simoncini/

hydrogen peroxide

IV vitamin C.

etc, etc, etc.

So, yes. We have a cancer cure a lot sooner than a cure for hair loss.
The question is, if the cancer mafia tells you that you have a cancer will you be wise or accept surgery, chimio & radio murder?


And I’m starting to think that this Tregs cell discovery shows us the reason that so many hair loss treatments don’t work very well, and why so much advanced research hasn’t panned out into a cure. An effective hair loss treatment or cure for MPB will have to either directly address the Tregs cells issue, or act upstream of it to ensure that Tregs cells aren’t suppressed.

Aderans, Intercytex, Gho, etc. had very limited success and the first two failed and shut down trials, while the latter worked for years and got nowhere, because they all attacked the problem with a cell-based approach, but didn’t address Tregs cells (of course they couldn’t have known about the importance of Tregs cells when they were running their trials.)

Replicel/Shiseido and others, are also specifically using cell replacement technologies (stem cells or DP cells), but likewise, they are NOT addressing the Tregs cells issue. So, they’re not likely to be very successful either, IMO, unless they figure out how to repopulate the tissue surrounding the follicles with Tregs cells.


There is no proof yet that bald patches of skin are absent of Treg cells. There is no proof yet that those Treg cells are defunct in case of bald patches.
I think, what current research is trying to imply, is that Treg cells are necessarry for normal HF cycle. Same necessarry as KROX20 protein and a few other.


@Otter You’re right, there’s no proof of it in humans. BUT even with the differences between mice and humans, there are a lot of basic similarities. What I really meant by my comment above is, I’m afraid this will turn out to be the case. We don’t know yet, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised.


I would probably say that Treg cells have minimal influence in HF regeneration.
As you mentioned before, transplanted hair grow and cycle perfectly well even on skin patches absent of hair for decades.


@Otter There are several possible explanations for why transplanted hair grows in the absence of Treg cells (if that is really the case and yes you are right, we don’t know yet).

One explanation - Healthy Tregs cells are very close to the donor follicles and some might be scooped up when the donor follicles are harvested. These Tregs cells get transplanted along with the follicle. Once they are in the recipient area, they begin multiplying and stay there permanently.

Another explanation - healthy (non-balding) cells in the transplanted donor follicles signal to the tissue surrounding them in the recipient area to attract Treg cells to move toward the follicle. (Whereas MPB affected follicles are unable to do this.)


Interesting prediction. However, i respectfully disagree. Unlike hairloss, cancer mutates and evolves which makes it more complex. With hairloss we know the causes for it, which in my opinion makes it easier to tackle.



Give us a break from posting the link to your blog, Hairhope4ever. We know you’re a HT patient who is probably just trying to advertise for your HT doctor so you can continue to get better deals from him. The work on your pictures doesn’t look too shabby, but there are a lot of us who are NOT INTERESTED in being sold on hair transplants! This is the HM forum, so please stop pretending to respond to our posts. If you want to respond, stop including the link to your HT blog. OK???


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Hehe your title was funny But think its really true. Still waiting for hair loosing cure.