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We should have HM TODAY. JTR?

It’s already been proven by Intercytex in the lab.
Once follicle cells are removed from the patient’s scalp… they can be multiplied in the lab, in a petry dish solution.
BUT, instead of injecting this “cell solution” into the scalp (with all the problems of the “direction of growth”, etc.)… why not just continue to grow the hairs to maturity in the lab… and then implant them ONE-BY-ONE using the traditional FUE procedure. This will be VERY labor intensive if you’re doing 8,000+ individual hairs. It may require multiple visits to the doctor’s office.
But wouldn’t this method bring HM to the market immmediately?
I wish we could ask someone from Intercytex this question.
Any thoughts John (JTR)? Anyone?

I do recall hearing about researchers trying this method, however the body and mother nature play critical roles that the petri dish can’t. Sorry i don’t have a link or remember the technical aspects but that was what i gathered from it, hairs wouldn’t cycle and became weak when implanted.

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