We may get to relive our youth when the cure comes!

Well guys, it’s Xmas 2013 and Santa has been too shy to come for a visit for well over 18 years now. So, I thought this might cheer everyone up a bit:

Last week, after a decade of research, we dared to aim higher and break the boundaries. There are moments in human history that defines a period, a generation, an era. The moon landing, Wright Brothers, Aspirin, Antibiotics, etc. We count these moments, highlight them, and use them to inspire the next generation of pioneers to take lead and face the unknown.

It’s Xmas 2013 and Professor Sinclair in collaboration with Australian & American universities, have managed to reverse muscle ageing in mice. After a mere 7 days of therapy, the 2 year old mice (~60 year old human) returned to the same level of activity of a 6 month old mice (~20 year old human), all muscle wasting reversed and the mitochondrial function matched that of a newborn mice!

This is the first time ever, we have managed to reverse ageing on a subcellular level. Furthermore, human trials are expected to begin in the next 12 months as it is a naturally occurring compound!

So maybe, we’ll get to relive our 20’s once more with a full head of hair as both the MPB and ageing are overcome.

Australian and US scientists reverse ageing in mice, humans could be next

Australian and US researchers have developed a compound which reverses muscle ageing in mice, saying it could be one of the keys to reversing ageing in humans.

When used in trials, the compound gave mice more energy, toned their muscles, reduced inflammation, and led to big improvements in insulin resistance.

Scientists say it actually reversed the ageing process, not just slowing it down, and say that for humans the effect would be similar to a 60-year-old feeling like a 20-year-old.

And they say human trials could start within the year.

The study has been published this morning in the research journal Cell.


You could get the same impact through strength training exercise, no?

I’ve seen old guys who pump iron who are as strong as younger guys. But that does not mean they are younger guys in looks - just older guys who are fit.

Reversing muscle ageing is not the same as reversing your looks back to when you were 20. I’m sorry but our generation is YET another one which will go through the best part of our life without a cure. Especially with hoards of stupid monkeys attacking every researcher who dares to enter this field.

Yeah I’ve read that 2 days ago. My thoughts exactly that would be really nice.

Earlier article seems to show the evolution from resveratrol research to this more refined compound.



I am not sure but I think this is it.

hehe. nice post desmond.
but wouldn’t rely on a fountain of youth.

we need to accelerate research somehow. the only possibility of a full cure somewhen i can think of is tsuji labs. they are doing great research, but still too slowly. however, they will get us a cure, in maximum 10 years. they are eager to show the world how do crack that decade-lasting puzzle.

i have a feeling that also histogen will not be a great magic for hairloss. maybe some minor improvement or halt of hairloss in early stage, but still dissapointing. i hope that i’m wrong.
the best potential treatment currently is probably pilox, which we will know in about 1 year if it’s legit or not. (still not enough info available for pilox to make a conclusion).

and then there’s CB with unknown vehicle and dr. nigam, who maybe will find something by accident when trying a lot of various stuff. i would be really amused if nigam finds a cure. i think the chance for that is not that bad. if not today, maybe in some years. it’s the passion which drives him to go beyond the limits (i will not judge if his experiments are a good or a bad thing, that was discussed many times already)

but hey, i’m really curious what the status will be in 2015. will we discuss the same desperate s.h.i.t on these forums forever or will there ever be something legit somewhen?

we will see.

i hope you keep up on your positive thinking and researching the necessary scientific papers, to get us more and more closer to the cure. it’s always great to read your posts (especially about iPS and tsuji), and gives a lot of users hope or at least an understanding of the required steps for a full cure.


muscles is just one part of the human body.

Seriously, the experiments were done in mice, we all know by now that success in mice very rarely translates to success in human studies.

Nice post, Magneto.