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Vraf could you please email me?


I will keep emails between you and I confidential. I have been trying to get the Hairsite moderator to disallow personal/racist attacks for years but the moderator won’t listen to me and most posters here do not care. It’s not that most posters here are racists, although some are. The larger problem is that most posters do not care enough to reprimand the Hairsite moderator if another person’s race is besmirched.

I try to get Hairsite to moderate the site more professionally, more intelligently, and more properly but the Hairsite moderator really lacks the enlightenment to know that the site is turning into a cesspool of personal attacks. He doesn’t know or care to do anything about it.

Please email me at russell-claudia2011@hotmail.com

I promise that I will keep our communication between you and I.