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Volunteering for Follica, Inc


Hi everyone,

So I emailed Follica, Inc. about participating in clincial trisl for their (possible) MPB product. In case you’re curious, this is what the office manager wrote back (mostly a form letter, from the looks of it):

“Thank you for your interest in Follica. We are extremely excited about
the research and are working diligently to translate the findings into
clinical treatments. We cannot anticipate precisely when this will be
launched as a commercial product, nor have we announced any specific
clinical trial plans at this time, though we hope to conduct initial
testing in humans soon. We are not currently tracking potential
volunteers or creating a distribution list, but please feel free to
check back in 6-12 months. We look forward to announcing additional
information as we progress. We know how much this means to so many
people, and are focused on making it a medical reality.”

All the best,


Have you emailed Follica Inc. again? The time is now…


Steinberg looks for R&D Head for clinical trials. Is it a good sign?

Look Company: Follica Incorporated
Date: 10/18/2007

in http://www.meddevgroup.org/jobs.htm


» Have you emailed Follica Inc. again? The time is now…

Nope, I haven’t emailed Follica again… but the time is now-ish, I agree. Unfortunately I can’t until 3 weeks from now. I’m going on vacation :smiley: