VIDEO - Hair Restoration for Female With Traction Alopecia by Dr.UGraft

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This patient experienced hair loss in her temple areas due to traction alopecia. Traction alopecia, also known as tension hair loss, is the condition in which harsh grooming practices like tight ponytails or weaves pull the follicles from their roots.Over time the follicles fall out in the areas of maximum pull, resulting in permanent hair loss. While tension hair loss is more commonly seen in women, emerging trends in male grooming have lead to increased instances of traction alopecia in men.

Dr. U decided to restore the patient’s hair loss with a FUE hair transplant using his advanced Dr.UGraft system. He extracted 200 grafts from the donor area on her head using his hybrid FUE tool, the Dr.UPunch Rotor.

Dr.U then reconstructed the hairline by carefully inserting the UGrafts into the bald area on the patient’s temple. By taking into account the growth pattern on the scalp and matching it, Dr. U is able to produce natural results.

The patient is very happy with the results of her surgery. Using the Dr.UGraft system, she was able to overcome her hair loss. She is able to pull her hair up without worrying about her bald spots, which gives her more confidence in her appearance.