VERA Clinic FUE hair transplant (Istanbul Turkey)

My journey with vera hair clinic in Istanbul turkey. Overall it was a great experience and I am really satisfied with the results.

I researched for about 2 years and realized turkey has the clinics with the experience and low cost compared to the states. I ended up choosing Vera clinic due to their reviews and before and after results on their website and social media accounts.

I ended up getting two procedures done with vera clinic.
First procedure was in March 2022 and I received around 5500 grafts. The second procedure was easier since I knew what to expect. I received 3000 grafts in January 2023. Almost 12 months after second procedure and I am really satisfied. Malek is the representative thst I was in contact with the entire time and he always followed up to ensure everything was ok after both procedures.

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There is no doubt about Turkey is very popular for the hair transplant treatment…