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Updated list for the Formulator

For those who don’t go to the topical section. Can be seen here.

Any with a * or # can be nano-encapsulated. I’m looking at the SOD(expensive, I know :surprised: ), biotin, and royal jelly…possibly other things(any input?.

ACTIVE: adenosine*
ACTIVE: allantoin skin protectant
ACTIVE: alpha lipoic acid* skin protectant
ACTIVE: alpha-keto glutarate-arginine
ACTIVE: caffeine* vasodilator
ACTIVE: carnosine
ACTIVE: choline bitartrate
ACTIVE: citric acid alpha hydroxy
ACTIVE: creatine ethyl ester*
ACTIVE: creatine monohydrate*
ACTIVE: DMAE [dimethylaminoethanol]
ACTIVE: EDTA [ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid]
ACTIVE: ferulic acid*
ACTIVE: fumed (colloidal) silica
ACTIVE: gamma oryzanol*
ACTIVE: glucosamine sulfate*
ACTIVE: hyaluronic acid
ACTIVE: kojic acid palmitate* melanin production inhibitor
ACTIVE: L-arginine
ACTIVE: L-taurine
ACTIVE: lecithin, enriched with phosphatidic acid
ACTIVE: lecithin, enriched with phosphatidyl inositol
ACTIVE: lutein*
ACTIVE: luteolin
ACTIVE: malic acid alpha hydroxy
ACTIVE: melatonin*
ACTIVE: MSM [methylsulphonylmethane]
ACTIVE: pyruvic acid [alpha keto]
ACTIVE: resveratrol [Polygonum cuspidatum] anti-oxidant
ACTIVE: royal jelly
ACTIVE: salicylic acid alpha hydroxy
ACTIVE: selenium aspartate
ACTIVE: zinc chloride
ACTIVE: zinc oxide
BOTANICAL: acacia [Acacia sp.]
BOTANICAL: aloe vera gel [Aloe Barbadensis]
BOTANICAL: amacha [Hydrangea macrophylla]
BOTANICAL: angelica root [Angelica archangelica]
BOTANICAL: anise star [Illicium verum]
BOTANICAL: apple peel [Pyrus malus ]
BOTANICAL: arnica flower [Arnica montana]
BOTANICAL: arnica flowers [Arnica montana]
BOTANICAL: ashwagandha [Indian ginseng, Withania somnifera]
BOTANICAL: bayberry root bark [Myrica cerifera]
BOTANICAL: benzoin gum [Styrax benzoin]
BOTANICAL: bilberry leaf [Vaccinium myrtillus]
BOTANICAL: black cohosh root [Cimicifuga racemosa]
BOTANICAL: boldo leaf [Peumus boldus]
BOTANICAL: burdock root [Arctium lappa]
BOTANICAL: butchers broom root [Ruscus aculeatus]
BOTANICAL: calendula flowers [marigold, Calendula officinalis]
BOTANICAL: caraway seed [Carum carvi]
BOTANICAL: cardamom, black [Elettaria cardamomum]
BOTANICAL: cardamom, green [Elettaria cardamomum]
BOTANICAL: chamomile [Matricaria recutita]
BOTANICAL: cinnamon bark [Cinnamomum cassia]
BOTANICAL: clove [Eugenia caryophyllus]
BOTANICAL: coffee bean, green [Coffea arabica]
BOTANICAL: copal resin tears [Bursera fagaroides]
BOTANICAL: damiana leaf [Turnera diffusa]
BOTANICAL: dill seed [Anethum graveolens]
BOTANICAL: dragon’s blood [Calamus draco]
BOTANICAL: dulse [Rhodymemia palmata]
BOTANICAL: elecampane root [Inula helenium]
BOTANICAL: eucalyptus leaf [Eucalyptus globulus]
BOTANICAL: fenugreek seed [Foenum graecum, Trigonella foenum-gra
BOTANICAL: flax seed [Linum usitatissmum]
BOTANICAL: frankincense tears [Boswellia carterii]
BOTANICAL: ginger root [Zingiber officinale]
BOTANICAL: gingko leaf [Ginkgo biloba]
BOTANICAL: ginseng root [Panax ginseng]
BOTANICAL: goat rue [Galega officinalis]
BOTANICAL: goldenseal root [Hydrastis canadensis]
BOTANICAL: gota kola [Centella asiatica]
BOTANICAL: grape seed [Vitis vinifera]
BOTANICAL: green tea [Camellia sinensis]
BOTANICAL: grindelia tops [Grindelia sp.]
BOTANICAL: guarana seed [Paullinia cupana]
BOTANICAL: hawthorne berries [Gymenia sylvestri]
BOTANICAL: hawthorne flowers and leaves [Gymenia sylvestri]
BOTANICAL: hibiscus flower [Hibiscus rosa sinensis]
BOTANICAL: hops flowers [Humulus lupulus]
BOTANICAL: horny goat weed [Epimedium grandiflora]
BOTANICAL: hydrangea [Hydrangea arborescens]
BOTANICAL: hyssop [Hyssopus officinalis]
BOTANICAL: kola nut [Cola nitida]
BOTANICAL: laminaria combo [Laminaria sp.]
BOTANICAL: laminaria digitata [Laminaria digitata]
BOTANICAL: lavender flowers [Lavandula angustifolia]
BOTANICAL: licorice root [Glycyrrhiza glabra]
BOTANICAL: mace [javentri, Myristica fragrans]
BOTANICAL: mandrake root [Mandragora officinarum]
BOTANICAL: milk thistle seed [psyllimarin, Silybum marianum]
BOTANICAL: muira puama root [potency wood, Liriosma ovata]
BOTANICAL: mullein leaf [Verbascum thapsus]
BOTANICAL: myrrh gum [Commiphora myrrha]
BOTANICAL: nettle leaf [Urtica dioica]
BOTANICAL: nettle root [Urtica dioica]
BOTANICAL: noni fruit [Merinda citrifolia]
BOTANICAL: onion seed [Allium cepa]
BOTANICAL: passionflower [Passiflora incarnata]
BOTANICAL: pumpkin seed [Cucurbita maxima]
BOTANICAL: pygeum bark [Pygeum africanum]
BOTANICAL: radish seed [Raffanus sativus]
BOTANICAL: rooibos [redbush tea, Aspalathus linearis]
BOTANICAL: rose hips powder [Rosa canina]
BOTANICAL: rosemary [Rosmarinus officinalis]
BOTANICAL: sandalwood chips, red [Pterocarpus santalinus]
BOTANICAL: saw palmetto berries [Senenoa repens]
BOTANICAL: senna leaf [Senna alexandria]
BOTANICAL: senna pod [Senna alexandria]
BOTANICAL: sesame seed, black [Sesamum indicum]
BOTANICAL: slippery elm bark [Ulmus fulva]
BOTANICAL: soapwort [Saponaria officinalis]
BOTANICAL: sophora [ku shen, Sophora flavescens]
BOTANICAL: spearmint leaf [Mentha spicata]
BOTANICAL: stevia [Stevia rebaudiana]
BOTANICAL: tribulus [Tribulus terristris]
BOTANICAL: turmeric [curcumin, Curcuma longa]
BOTANICAL: valerian root [Valeriana officinalis]
BOTANICAL: vitex berries [Vitex agnus castus]
BOTANICAL: wild yam root [Dioscorea villosa]
BOTANICAL: wintergreen [Gautheria procumbens]
BOTANICAL: witch hazel bark [Hamamelis virginiana]
BOTANICAL: witch hazel leaf [Hamamelis virginiana]
BOTANICAL: yohimbe bark [Corvanthe yohimbe]
ESSENTIAL OIL: allspice [Pimento officinalis]
ESSENTIAL OIL: anise seed [Illicium verum]
ESSENTIAL OIL: anise star [Illicium verum]
ESSENTIAL OIL: basil [Ocimum basilicum]
ESSENTIAL OIL: bergamot [Citrus bergamia]
ESSENTIAL OIL: bitter orange [Citrus aurantium amara]
ESSENTIAL OIL: cinnamon [Cinnamomum sp.]
ESSENTIAL OIL: citronella [Cymbopogon nardus]
ESSENTIAL OIL: clove bud [Eugenia caryophyllus]
ESSENTIAL OIL: clove leaf [Eugenia caryophyllus]
ESSENTIAL OIL: eucalyptus [Eucalyptus globulus]
ESSENTIAL OIL: fir needle [Abies sibirica]
ESSENTIAL OIL: frankincense [Boswellia carteri]
ESSENTIAL OIL: geranium [Pelargonium sp.]
ESSENTIAL OIL: ginger [Zingiber officinalis]
ESSENTIAL OIL: grapefruit [Citrus grandis]
ESSENTIAL OIL: grapefruit. pink [Citrus paradisi]
ESSENTIAL OIL: jasmine [Jasminum officinale]
ESSENTIAL OIL: lavender [Lavandula angustifolia]
ESSENTIAL OIL: lemongrass [Cymbopogon schoenanthus]
ESSENTIAL OIL: myrrh [Commiphora myrrha]
ESSENTIAL OIL: neroli [Citrus aurantium]
ESSENTIAL OIL: orange [Citrus aurantium dulcis]
ESSENTIAL OIL: oregano [Origanum vulgare]
ESSENTIAL OIL: palmarosa [Cymbopogon martini]
ESSENTIAL OIL: patchouli [Pogostemon cablini]
ESSENTIAL OIL: pennyroyal [Mentha pulegium]
ESSENTIAL OIL: peppermint [Mentha piperita]
ESSENTIAL OIL: pine needle [Pinus sylvestris]
ESSENTIAL OIL: rosemary [Rosmarinus officinalis]
ESSENTIAL OIL: spearmint [Mentha spicata]
ESSENTIAL OIL: tangerine [Citrus tangerina]
ESSENTIAL OIL: tea tree [Melaleuca alternifolia]
ESSENTIAL OIL: wintergreen [Gaultheria procumbens]
PRECIOUS OIL: neem [Azadirachtin indica]
PRECIOUS OIL: black seed [Nigella sativa]
PRECIOUS OIL: borage [Borago officinalis]
PRECIOUS OIL: carrot seed [Daucus carota sativa]
PRECIOUS OIL: cocoa butter [Theobroma cacao]
PRECIOUS OIL: cranberry seed [Vaccinium macrocarpon]
PRECIOUS OIL: evening primrose [Oenothera biennis]
PRECIOUS OIL: kokum seed butter [Garcinia indica]
PRECIOUS OIL: kukui [Aleurites moluccana]
PRECIOUS OIL: mango butter [Mangifera indica]
PRECIOUS OIL: mowrah seed butter [Madhuca latifolia]
PRECIOUS OIL: red raspberry seed [Rubus Idaeus]
PRECIOUS OIL: rose hip seed [Rosa canina]
PRECIOUS OIL: tea seed [Camellia sinensis]
VITAMIN: beta carotene*
VITAMIN: biotin*
VITAMIN: cyanocobalamine*
VITAMIN: D-alpha tocopherol*
VITAMIN: inositol hexanicotinate
VITAMIN: niacin [nicotinic acid]
VITAMIN: panthenol
VITAMIN: retinol*
VITAMIN: retinyl palmitate*

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