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Update: forum enhancements


Just want to update everyone:

  1. Video will play automatically when you open the post. No more clicking back and forth from one link to another in order to watch the video. There is a built-in media player in the forum. You no longer need to open your computer’s media player.

  2. For the media player to work, you will need to have Flash player installed on your computer. This usually comes standard with all computers nowadays. If you do not have Flash player installed, you can download it for free at http://www.adobe.com

  3. Almost all video formats can now be uploaded to the forum. Formats that are supported are: wmv, flv, swf, mpeg, mov, and rm.

  4. Technically you can upload a file as large as 50MB. But for optimal upload experience, it’s best that your file is no larger than 15MB or you will have to wait a long time during the upload process. For files larger than 15MB, it would be more efficient to email me the files and I will upload for you.

  5. You can now login at the “LAST VISITED PAGE”.

  6. BOARD view problem has been corrected.

  7. EDIT feature is now enabled.

  8. Long url or link address problem has been corrected.

If you encounter any problems, please let me know now while I am at it :slight_smile:

Thank you.