Update – Dr. Umar’s Patient Improves Upon Results With 1300 Additional Grafts

This patient initially chose Dr. Umar to repair the poor and odd looking growth from a previous strip surgery. Hair failed to grow in the crown area. And this created a rather isolated looking patch on the top part of his head.

Furthermore, he also wanted to conceal his strip scar.
This patient’s first hair transplant procedure by Dr. Umar was done in 2010. 2600 grafts of head and nape hair were used for improving upon the coverage. 300 grafts of body hair were inserted to help camouflage the strip scar. To view his video for this surgery, which includes his testimony, click [link=http://www.dermhairclinic.com/hairline-restoration-by-fue-sfet-hairline-and-crown-before-and-after/

Earlier in 2014, the patient decided to improve upon these results with a follow up procedure to create better density. The photos shown below reflect the use of 1300 body hair grafts six months after this operation.