UK reforming clinical trials to fast track approvals

I knew this would happen. I also saw an interview about Dr. Kemp’s HairClone based in the UK, they are on a fast track and got permission to bypass animal testing and move straight to human clinical trials. Apparently these have already started or are about to.

Good news roger

I think it is very good news …

We have advanced so much in the last few years technology wise but medically we are still in the dark ages. Same ole same ole. I think we all know why! Greed and power!

Life expectancy has increased quite a bit and cancer is treatable. We are hardly in the dark ages.

Nah we are still on the dark ages,corporate greed is destroying everything for normal people,food,housing,you name it,everthing,if it wasnt for stupid corrupt individuals running these corporations and government entities,very good chance we would have opportunity to have all our hair back by now.

Not developing a treatment against hair loss is driven by greed? Doesn’t make a lot of sense bro. It’s a multimillion dollar industry. Getting millions of men hooked to a hair loss medication would be highly in the interest of greedy cooperations and individuals.

Yeah your right, i think i was just railing against corporations in response to another post,i can’t stand corporate anything,think my anger at them just drifted into this topic,i got a little off kilter i think

Life expectancy has increased but treatment are still relatively the same. Have a friend who has bone cancer. Stayed alive 12 years longer than expected. Ask him how he is doing and will tell you “just doing”. But we are constantly fed information that cures are coming but they never do. If you get cancer, most likely you will be fed chemo. Just like hair loss, we hear of tons of cures but nothing appears. I know it is very complicated but every discovery gets a patent assigned to it whether it works or not. Someone comes along and finds what appears to be a cure,It takes years to manuver the patents and get a product approved by FDA. That what I mean by corruption meaning the system is broken. There has to be a better way. I think the FDA hinders more than it helps! It is the nature of the beast and all the staff that has to approve it.