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Two upcoming clinical trials



“In the second quarter of 2014, we continued to achieve product development and financial milestones as we advance our best-in-class cell therapy platform which leverages the unique properties of the hair follicle to treat cellular deficits”

Best-in-class platform, huh? Sounds like corporate gibberish from internet startups during the late 90s dot-com bubble.



You are probably right! But this proves just how hard it is to re-create a workable follicle. Several companies, researchers, etc are trying to solve this problem but just can’t connect all the pieces. When they do, it will be bigger than silicon valley. We have a lot to look forward to. Many dots are being connected that are not directly connected to hair loss but many similarities.



It usually is difficult, when researchers think they can build something from scratch before they understand why the existing ones are having a problem.

Some would even argue that this approach is f*cking stupid.


can this medicine be used in genetic male type baldness?


Shiseido is one of the biggest cosmetics companies in the world, it is a good sign that they are willing to get involved.