Tsuji now asking for donations from the PUBLIC

Let us know how to donate?

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Donate under regenerative medicine:


Lets try our best to donate if possible. Tsuji is absolutely ready for human trials and he himself has confirmed safety testing done in humans roger. I implore you to visit his official twitter account. It is him running it and it is linked on rikens official website so you know it is real.

We need to do our best to fundraise. This is where mens health issues fall short… lack of funding. But if you are a position to either donate or spread awareness about his research please do so.

His Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/Hair_Tooth_PJ

I will donate if I’m sure the money is going where I want it to go. One problems is that the link provided shows that if someone donates money there are numerous places the money could perhaps go. If I can’t be 100% certain that the money will go towards the hair growth cellular human studies then I can’t donate.

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the donation is made under the “regenerative medicines section” there is a pdf you can view that explains what the money will be spent on. It explicitly states that they are ready to proceed with human trials. The quicker they can get the financial capital the quicker we see how well this works for human. they already confirmed safety in humans

The big question is, why would the average hair loss sufferer want to donate to a project whose owner told everyone just a year ago that the cost of his treatment would be US $200,000 - 300,000?

Before I donate, I want a little bit more clarity, honesty, and reasonableness from Dr Tsuji. What exactly was his estimate based on and did he at all take into consideration potential patients’ willingness and ability to pay that amount?

Otherwise we’re just subsidizing the treatment of millionaires and billionaires.

roger_that that was actually never confirmed by Tsuji himself. the price is pure speculation. Can you find me one primary source from Riken for your claim?

@Hair_cloning_waiter I agree with you that it wasn’t absolutely confirmed that Tsuji said this, but it was reported by Japanese hair blogger YounJet, based on a meeting he had with Dr Tsuji at a conference last year. The information was reported here;

Update On Dr. Tsuji’s Hair Multiplication Trial In 2020 – Follicle Thought

It says: “During this brief interaction at the conference, Youngjet was told by Dr. Tsuji that the price for Tsuji’s/Organ Technologies’ hair cloning treatment would be around $200,000 to $350,000 per person and that clinical trials were soon to begin.”

To be honest, I find this figure dramatically out of proportion to reality and very hard to believe. YoungJet could have misinterpreted Dr Tsuji, or Dr Tsuji could be way out of the ballpark because he has no understanding of business and how you need to price services - including medical services - within the range of people’s realistic ability to buy them, or else no rational investor would put any money in it. Maybe Dr Tsuji is a great scientist but just a terrible or very naive businessman.

But, this was the only price range ever reported anywhere, so it’s all we have to go by now. That’s why I would say, until further notice, and before anyone donates to Dr Tsuji, we have to get him to either confirm or deny this figure.

I think you have a valid point, Roger. And I would even add to your point one more issue. There is no way it will cost Tsuji nearly $200,000 to $350,000 to treat a bald patient with his cell-based treatment. Yes, it will cost Tsuji some money but it won’t cost nearly this drastic amount of money. I think it would cost between $20,000 and $30,000 for Tsuji to perform the treatment so I think a price of $200,000 to $350,000 is too high. Given all this I think Tsuji was probably just giving a drastically high price so he can be sure he doesn’t understate what people will have to pay for the procedure. I think that when Tsuji gave that quote he was trying to make sure that people understand that the treatment wouldn’t be cheap. I think Tsuji had to make sure people understand this because he didn’t leave people thinking that it would be like buying Roagine.

I would expect the procedure to cost between $25,000 to $50.000, especially if a person donates to the cause. We need a Q & A with Tsuji asap.

But if you turn out to be right that the treatment will cost between $200,000 and $350,000 then you are absolutely right that if we donate we will be subsidizing rich people’s hair loss treatments.

I would definitely donate some money if at the end of the line it would result in $25,000 to $50,000 treatments for hair loss within a few years.

@jarjarbinx I think he may have given that inflated number because he doesn’t understand economies of scale and the difference between fixed costs and variable costs.

The $200,000 to 350,000 figure might come from Tsuji estimating how much it would cost to set up an entire lab customized to run his process, buy equipment and deliver the treatment to one patient. What he’s forgetting is that once those fixed costs are spent, the cost of delivering the procedure to the second and subsequent patients drops precipitously because the fixed costs have already been paid. So cost per patient for the successive patients is much lower. Economists call that savings an “economy of scale”. What would happen then is that the average cost (including expenditures for initial overhead) would be calculated per patient, and then averaged out, and then a profit margin would be added, to arrive at a reasonable price point on a PER PATIENT BASIS.

I think Dr Tsuji was not doing this. He was probably conflating fixed costs and variable costs (cost per patient) because he’s thinking like a scientist with no financial or business training and not like an economist or finance person.

Could be. It does seem like the kind of mistake someone like Tsuji could have made. I really don’t think it could cots $200,000 to $350,000.

I wonder if the Japanese Blogger (or Tsuji) meant Japanese Yen rather than USD. If so, it would roughly put the price between $2,000 - $3,500 USD per person, which would make much more sense.

Well, see in this video at 4:10

He quotes Tsuji as saying it will cost 20-40 million yen.

I was thinking about the same thing, they were talking about Yen and not US Dollar.

We should get Elon Musk involved !!! Seriously.

I think Jeff Bezos would be more likely to help…

They could easy get a 100 million dollars. First show us that it works. That is all, an area the size of a quarter on a human with absolutely no hair. Simple!

I agree with you. It looks strange that he goes to ask public for money.

That’s what I’ve been saying for years.

But apparently the regulations against doing informal human clinical tests with stem cells, even on willing volunteers who give informed consent (such as the scientists themselves) are so strongly enforced now that researchers are very reluctant to do this because if they did, and made the results public, it would ruin their chances of ever getting real clinical trials approved, and they’d never get their products on the market. A regulatory violation like that would be something like a criminal record that stays with a person for life.

Remember that Dr Jahoda implanted DP cells (a type of partially differentiated stem-like cell) into his wife’s arm back in the 90s in England, and she was a willing volunteer, and he published a paper on it. I doubt Dr Jahoda had to go through a formal approval process with the UK regulatory agencies, but I think that was before there was a global crackdown on these kinds of informal experiments using stem cells. I think if he tried to do the same type of experiment on a volunteer today he would be blocked or sanctioned by the government unless it was part of a rigorous approved clinical trials process.

It appears that Bezos couldn’t care less that he is bald whereas Musk had hair transplant done (at least that s how the rumors go), and as a matter of fact Musk’s hairline does look a bit odd to me, so I think Musk would be more sympathetic to the cause.