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What do you make of Trump’s hair?

To me it looks like he was balding for a while, but has had good HT work at the hairline and a few inches back, so when he gets his hair wet or had someone run their fingers through it, it looks real… But he didn’t have enough donor hair to fill in the crown, so it’s very thin all over the top… Hence the freaky combover.


I remember hearing Trump had transplants years ago. Lots of celebrities had them in the early days, and the results were pretty bad.

I heard Sinatra was one, and he ended up with a toupee. Elton John was another early failed transplant. He ended up wearing a hat for decades. I think he wears a wig now.

I think what Trump does is grow his transplants really, really long.

Then he first combs the hair back, and then folds it over and combs it forward again.

And he probably folds it over one more time and combs it back again.

Or maybe he combs the hair at the top of the back of the horseshoe forward, and then combs the transplants in front over it.

What a horror show to maintain that–especially since it looks so crappy.


I remember coming across some rumors that Trump had flap surgery back when that was still being used. Nothing confirmed, but it would explain the very odd look of his hair. I always notice that his side part is down on the side of his head, just above his ear. Very weird looking - bald is a much better look.


Trump with real hair (wait for video to load at link): http://www.today.com/video/stylist-suggests-new-hair-styles-for-donald-trump-547808835530