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True testimonial - Speak on it


The following is a true testimonial of a patient who recieved CIT by Dr. Cole.

"I think it’s a natural feeling after surgery to believe in your doctor and to support his or her efforts. I know I did for the strip butchery I got from DR Brandy and NU/Hart Hair Clinics. I have since learned to not let myself get emotionally involved. They are being paid well to make you feel good and special. I felt special with the butchers after surgery! I don’t like Woods and Campbell, and my experiences with them were not good, but their work is great and it should be held as the archetype or standard for this industry. I don’t agree with all their ideas, for sure.
I just spent three days with DR Cole getting CIT and I can tell you that you are very wrong about these beginners, Cole and Jones, as you call them. Again, a lot of people are talking about different doctors methods and you have no experience of their work, or their tools, or anything … just another judgment to paint a negative picture of any doctors trying this new technique. I should say inventing this technique, since the Woods’ are not sharing any of their experience or patenting their tools, to share with others doctors, so these doctors have to start from scratch, invent it. Because of this, the Woods’ can charge these exorbitant prices to us. I want this technique to be affordable to all, for all.

I really don’t understand you guys? I don’t understand why you would want, so whole heartedly, for these doctor to have a monopoly so that they can charge you the price of a new car every time you go. That is what you are perpetuating every time you speak despairingly about the doctors that are trying this and inventing this from scratch, because the Woods’ won’t help. By being negative about every doctor trying it, that only discourages new doctors from going into this. It is negative and will only keep the prices high! I for one don’t want to buy the Woods’ people a new car and I can assure you if they had your best interests in mind they would have already trained a few doctors here and gotten them started doing the Woods technique. Each doctor would only have to go there and train with them for a month, and have their tools and see their work to get this. It will take time and experience to get this… Practice, practice, practice! It’s a physical technique that one has to get … by practice and doing. Even Woods said it’s technique as well as the tools. This doesn’t take an Einstein. It’s already invented.

What I am saying is I honestly don’t understand the guys getting this surgery from the Woods’??? I really don’t! Coming back here boasting that they got it and that the Great Woods’ took them and gave them surgery. That they did you a favor to take your money. I don’t understand why you are not angry that they are charging 8,300.00 dollars a day or for 600 FUE’s. I don’t understand why you are not angry that they have a monopoly? I don’t understand why you are not angry that they still aren’t training and haven’t in all these years, and are still making excuses for it. I don’t understand why, it seems to me, that you are actually happy in some strange way that there is a 6 month waiting list and thousands of guys that can’t afford this, can’t go to Australia, that have families, that this is not available to, because they have to put food in the mouths of their children. Guys that can’t get this done that have been butchered simply because years ago they went to a doctor that was supposed to do NO Harm, and ever since then they have had lives where they feel shame to go outside, shame to watch people they meet look at their hairlines rather than their eyes. One you are a victim of this and it shows, it is no longer an elective surgery…

No, what I don’t get is why you are not rioting in the streets, demanding that Woods do this at a reasonable price, while he is sitting on his ass, while people are suffering, while his prices are going up, while he doesn’t and hasn’t trained any doctors still, while he is turning down other doctors that have called him, gone to him for help to learn this new technique that would help others, and still he refuses to do anything! To Help the doctors or us guys by their keeping a monopoly. No, I don’t understand why you aren’t e-mailing him, calling him, boycotting him, or angry at him for not getting this out there for every average guy at a decent price.

No, what I see is the Woodsies defending this sick egomaniacal attitude he has toward other doctors; this pathetically over prices procedure he does, even though it is hurting so many guys financially, and guys doing this procedure with him on their credit cards, mortgaging their houses, spending their life savings, because he has them at his mercy; because these guys are in fear of loosing their hair, or they are scarred up and tortured and desperate because of bad doctors, or they just simply are at the early stages of balding and are scared not to get something done like I was so many years ago.

I say it is time that everyone on these sites start E-mailing, calling Woods and demanding that he share this procedure, so that other doctors won’t have to reinvent the wheel, so that guys like you and me will be able to have a normal life, whether you are just losing some hair or the guy is scarred terribly like a burn victim or some freak, and want so desperately to be normal. I say we demand a decent price! That we demand compassion from these people. That we demand training now for other doctors so that there is not a 6 month waiting list so he can charge anything he wants.

DR Woods knows that once there are other doctors doing this and the demand is less he will not get a new car every time he is good enough to take our money, to help us poor scarred balding men. Why else would he not have trained one doctor over all these years!

I am sick of guys calling me and telling me they don’t know what to do because they are scarred and cannot afford to go to Woods; because they have a family, they don’t have that kind of money and would have to pay for years to come on their credit cards. Guys that are afraid to go out of the house anymore without a hat because of their scarring. Guys in pain! How do the Woods’ show their caring by going up on prices, by not training or sharing with other doctors? They don’t!

I recently went to Cole for three days of CIT/FUE and this is a man of heart, of caring. He worked 15 hour days on me for three days and charged me a third of what Woods wants. Do you want to know the differences I noticed between DR Cole’s Fue’s and what I saw on slides at the Woods conference? The first difference is that DR Cole allows you to see his tool and the whole extraction process. He is not secretive. He has the Zeiss Scope like Woods so you view the whole procedure, extraction and placement of the FUE/CIT. He does go slower but he is charging per FUE so what’s the difference. At least he went slower with me as I have tons of scarring. He says his rate of extraction is much faster with a head that he can shave and that isn’t so scarred. He refused to shave me, said it was better to take more time so I didn’t have to live with exposed scars. He used a 0.75 MM tool and was waiting for a 0.50, but I can tell you on the magnification there was so much room between the tool and the next hair, that there was no damage to surrounding hair follicles. I know because I saw the Follicular units taken out and there was no roots from hair next to it, in the extraction. I also think Cole does a better hairline, but that is just my opinion. One of the best I have seen.

Another difference, DR Cole had an assistant there helping and it was nice to have him there. I don’t see what the problem is with an assistant, if the doctor is doing the actual work. DR Cole did all the work, the extraction, the placement of the CIT to the recipient area. The assistant helped with tools, the scope, cleaning off my head, food, anything that was needed. He didn’t do the work.

Another difference it didn’t cost me my first born. When I went to Cole I told him what I had been through; that I had spent so much money and I would appreciate it if he could try to work out a better price so I could do all I could do to be normal again. He said," NO Problem, we will work it out, you will get finished, even if you have to paint my office." I appreciated that, and I didn’t want the man to lose money on me either. You should be paid for your work.

Cole also spent hours on the phone with me before I went down there, he made me personal to him. He answered my E-mails, he did everything he could to answer every question I had, without making me feel I was inconveniencing him. It was night and day from Woods. When I had my consult with DR Cole he gave me a whole hour and didn’t push me for time. I was more worried about the time than he was.

When I first E-mailed DR Woods, I got no answer, and I tried and I tried for weeks. Finally I called and I sent them pictures and never even received any message that they received them. Finally, I called again. They said they would get to them, to call them back. A week later I called again. I talked to Wendy, she said they are reviewing the pictures and they would let me know. I had tattooing all over my head, from years earlier, so they were looking at them, and they didn’t know what to make of it. I had to press several times for a date for surgery. She finally gave me one, Feb. 2003. They said they were coming to town in Oct. and would like to see me for a consult. I said okay. I went to their hotel in Oct. of 2002 and met in a banquet room… with DR Woods, After he finally came down, after leaving me waiting with my girlfriend for a half hour. When he saw me he looked through my head briefly and practically ran out of the room to get Angela, she came back and stayed there and DR Woods left … talking on the phone about the gossip of all the other doctors. This was a running theme through the whole weekend by the way. All the two of them could talk about was my tattooed head and how bad all the doctors have treated them over the years. I am standing here with bad surgery, scarred, and hoping for some help. Mean while they are talking about the bad American doctors and how much it is costing them to make this trip. I heard that one several times over the next few month. If you add up the money they are making it will come to two million a year, if, they don’t work weekends and they do often. Can you imagine listening to all this when you have been tortured by bad surgeries from incompetent doctors over the years, and are looking for a solution, desperately. They say they care about us. The next few days I went to their conference and supported their cause, because I believed in their work and still do. When I saw Dr. Woods again the guy couldn’t look me in the eyes, the whole thing was strange and my girlfriend noticed it too. I was behind this movement and their work 100%. So, they leave, I have my date for 5 sessions of surgery in Feb. 2003. I also asked them if there was anything they could do for me with the price as I knew I would need every body hair to get fixed and it would cost me at least three sessions of five day surgeries at a cost of around 95,000.00 not counting the plane ticket and time off work. They also tried to tell me that there was no sliding scale and the price would be a straight 7,300.00 for each surgery, on top of not giving me any deal and acting like it was strange for me to even ask for any better price. I told them I had been trying to book with them for months and my friend that was coming the week before was getting a sliding scale or rate. They then said they would think about it and finally gave me the sliding rate. They acted like they were doing me a big favor to take my 35000.00 from me. No business man would spend this kind of money with out some negotiating, unless they were stupid. I didn’t know how I was going to come up with the money for the first one, at that point. You just do. People would sell their child to be normal… and that is what I hate about this. These prices and the Woods monopoly prey on desperate people.

I went to my Grandfather’s house in Nov., because he had a heart attack and was dying. While this was going on I called my answering machine to get my messages and had a nice message from the Woods’ that they were canceling me. They said they wanted to see me in Feb. because of the tattooing, as to do what was best for me, during which time they would be here in NY, on business, which just happened to be the week of my surgery. You think maybe that had something to do with the cancellation, that they needed to be in NY that week??? I said okay.

Well, again I went to there conference and supported their cause, had people I know to go there, that needed work and to give them business because I believed in what they were doing. Spent the whole day there again seeing what I had seen the time before. The next day they wanted to see me again in the evening. I came over, and this time I was lucky enough that they actually let me come to their hotel room, rather than a hallway, where three strangers went through my head looking at it, just other hair guys, that I didn’t know. Them going through my head discussing the tattooing and what to do about it. It was strange, to say the least. I didn’ know these people! Dr. Woods didn’t listen to a word I said about my head and hair, and he was only concerned about the tattooing. Finally, he told me to go to a laser doctor the next day, to do a test patch to take off the tattooing. He said he would go with me. David Tse from Hairsite, which I didn’t know at the time decided to go to get pictures of the procedure. The next morning DR Woods called to cancel and told me to let him know what happened. It was strange again, since he was the one that wanted to do this test, and he was the one that wanted to go talk to the doctor. I went anyway with David Tse, the doctor did the test. It cost me 1,100.00 dollars in all, for a couple of test spots. The doctor told me that the tattoo pigment was organic and that I should not take it off, that it would fade with time, and to just go ahead and do the hair work, not to worry about it. He said, that was why they use organic and not commercial pigments, because they fade and are safer. I told Dr. Woods what the DR had said, and Woods said, in an upset way, that guy just wants to put it on him, all the responsibility. Again, very strange. Well, folks it gets stranger yet. They wanted to see me again before they left so I went again, I took off work, I spent more time and money to go to DR Woods hotel. Again, as with most of our meetings, he met me in a hallway with people walking through, as it is strange to have to take your hat off in front of strangers to beg for the doctors help to take your 35,000.00 Now, it really gets strange! Woods asked me out of the blue, in an accusatory way, if I had ever had a facelift. He thought that the scars where Brandy did the terrible Hairlifts to me, that had drainage tubs ticking out of the skin, were the scars from a facelift. Anybody knows, who has had the Brandy Hairlift, knows there are drainage tubes. He didn’t ask me if I had a facelift, he accused me of having one. I said I am just about ten or fifteen years early for a facelift, but I didn’t mind telling him whatever I have had. But please no judgments. I am the victim here! The guy or his sister didn’t even know what a Brandy Hairlift scar looked like. He could have asked. He never thoroughly went through my hair all the times we met to even see how much donor I had and Angela told me I had donor the first time we met. He stood there and told me I had no donor hair on my head, which was not the truth. How would he know? He never looked through it! When he left, and by the way the whole thing here was rushed and again in a hallway. He said if I get the tattoo removed he would do five sessions of chest hair on my head. The tattoo removal would have cost 10,000.00 at least. Wendy, during that visit also told me that they would rather do a virgin head. I didn’t feel that good about that, either. They were completely self absorbed.

My experience with Dr. Cole was night and day to these strange people, the Woods’. I met him in an office. He gave me a full hour. He listened. He told me that I had donor hair on my head, he told me not to bother with the tattoo, he told me he could work with me, money wise. It was great. I told him I had no expectations that I just wanted to go as far as I could go toward being normal. That I wanted to put this nightmare behind me. He knew the scars I had were from the drainage tubes from the Brandy Hairlift… as he has seen it done. What a great compassionate man. I can’t say enough about DR Cole, except his work in removing my old grafts in my front hairline are already gone and I can barely find where they were and it was just last Sunday and Monday that he took them out. His extraction technique is already great with very little transection rate. You see everything with the Zeiss. I look forward to the rest of the journey with DR Cole."




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Dr. Cole’s office posted this?


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» Dr. Cole’s office posted this?

Think so but I belive it was in the testimonials section on Hair Site. Many words explain so much. What a story. I heard about this case in the past but didn’t see him after surgery. He seems happy but I took a lot of headache to find a method to benefit the situation. My regards