True Norwood 6 hair transplant 2 years update - 5100 FUHT grafts

Dear forum readers,
Long term follow up of hair transplant patients is a topic that interests me. I am sure it does many of our readers too.
This is a case of a patient who was an early NW 6 when he visited us for his first hair transplant.
His first HT focussed on creating a young hairline and filling the front and top vertex areas.
The crown was left untouched as the patient wanted (for personal reasons) to go for only a full length strip FUHT procedure.
Over the past 2 years he has lost more of his pre existent hair. However, he is happy with the overall progress.

He visited us recently for a follow up and further transplant.
Here are some pictures from April 2009. In April 2009, we carried out his 2nd HT focussing on further closing the temples as well as filling the crown swirl area.

Following are pictures showing his status before any hair transplants (in May 2007)

Dr. A