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Transstem technique?



Does anyone know about the Transstem technique?
If that has been discussed here before just ignore my post.

Well, according to a post ,which i found in a Greek website, it is mentioned about a new technique
which is called TRANSSTEM.

actually, the text describes an FUE procedure , but with one significant difference.
After the completion of the transplant, doctor ‘‘infuses’’ stem cells which have been taken
from the sebaceous bag of the hair follicle or from a lipoid tissue into the new transplanted graft

? ? ? does this makes sence to you?


I quick google search brought up this article. It’s incredibly vague.

I used google to translate it:
Restoration baldness. The method Transstem
Sunday, August 2, 2009, 10:42

Theodore Giannaros, molecular - nuclear biologist

In 2009 perhaps baldness goodbye forever - at least those who have not yet lost their hair. Scientists found a way to avoid destruction of cells from which the hair. Since then there is no cell damage would fall hair The research aims at the eternal youth of the hair is fast and in many laboratories in the world, scientists are trying to find medicine to replenish the hair with bare heads and many men will boost their confidence. The fifth congress «Hair», held in Vancouver, the results of several investigations aimed at the longevity of interesting hair and exchanged views with Greek first research molecular biologists.

Most issues were, of course, research in the laboratory and not randomized Phase II & III in a large sample of patients. As you know, to get out a drug or a new method, formal, marketing must be trial and after a few years (usually 3-5) to formalize.

Hopefully, though, was the news from the world of genetics. At a conference held in America in 2008 by researchers from the University of Goettingen (Germany), of Ms Philadelphia (USA) failed to demonstrate that stem cells extracted from the hair follicle smiringodes or adipose tissue is cells with incredible regenerative properties and capabilities which, according to growth factors in which the place scientists can provide cells suitable for creating hair, but other different cell types: nerve, muscle and skin. In the sense explained by the molecular biologists-is studying stem cells of the hair is like studying embryonic stem cells. The work of a group of French researchers presented in an American journal Cell «first direct evidence» the existence of these cells and their ability to regenerate skin. Early results from studies in mice, opening significant opportunities in dermatology, for healing or improvement of skin transplantation in oncology and the treatment of both hair loss and the androgenic alopecia thorn hundreds of millions of men around the world.

Scientists have succeeded for the first time to create, based on a small group of cells, a whole section of skin and hair glands smigmatogonous an integral part of human skin tissue. These valuable cells are found mainly in hair follicles, moving in different directions, downwards (to the root of the hair) or upwards. Depending on the way following the creation of specialized hairs, glands or dermatokyttaron. Next step is to discover molecules that guide stem cells in one direction or another to use them depending on the problem they want to face. Good news there, however, and for ladies who want less hair in various parts of their bodies and to reverse the same mechanism can one moment to prevent the excessive growth of hair.

Optimistic, however, were researchers from the Dermatology Clinic of Bern in Switzerland, where he has prepared a new drug, the Dutasteride, which tried to fifteen homozygosity twins who were bald. Half gave a daily dose and the other half of a Placebo-medicine. After a year, those who had taken the drug had amazing renewal of hair, the other not.

Much progress has been achieved in hair transplantation, a method in which many men resort and applied in our country with great success. Greece considers the No2 in the world in terms of expertise and success in transplant hair follicles. As every year and this year the conference announced new methods, but that actually won the most positive reviews was the Greek Transstem. Method, which is a revolutionary and innovative approach where, after completing the placement of hair follicles, is the infusion of stem cells extracted from the hair follicle smiringodes or fat.

Let’s see now the subject of hair loss as well, the issue of rehabilitation of the scalp after the advent of alopecia and the method Transstem.

After all, one hundred and fifty or so, thousands live in human hair scalp. An epidermal scaling which altogether are the hair like those that give enormous power to Sampson.
The Egyptians believed the «sign of God». Her hair no doubt embody charm, masculinity (or femininity in women), sexuality and power. But over time, corresponding to hair follicles at the temples and the crown, losing hair and losses go around the head, except the posterior and lateral part of the scalp. This type of hair loss called androgenic alopecia (baldness), and is caused by heredity, the hormone testosterone (male hormone produced in the female body but a lesser amount of age and various disease agents.

Much of the male population «suffering» today from androgenic alopecia. 20-25% of men reaching the age of 30 has lost a considerable part of the hair and 50-55% is wrong with the same age of 45-50 years. Today made great efforts and are hopeful signals that future generations will be able to selectively interfere with genes responsible for hereditary alopecia or stem cells directly to the affected area.

In women, although the process of hair loss is the same at hair follicles, the hair-free zone, the form of baldness that is different. The alopecia in women is pervasive at the top and back of the head and is not located in one place, as is usual with men.

The technique of transplantation Transstem injected lastokyttaron

This technique is based on a film cuttings removed from the back of the scalp in order to cut through special magnifying lenses and specialized group of people in grafts of one, two and three grafts each of them . At the end of this process implants are placed in specially dianoigmenes slots (one hair in each slot) of the deficit regions of the scalp. This method is achieved the maximum benefit from transplants and gives a 99% success and permanence in the stay, after transplantation and the result is 100% natural and there is no difference from natural wool. The operation takes place in organized surgery, takes about 4 hours and is performed under local anesthesia. During the intervention he does not feel pain or discomfort, and can listen to music, reads or watches TV. At the end of surgery he can return home without any problems.

Implants removed separated using special stereo-microscopes, and special surgical tools. Each implant contains extracted from 1 to 4 hair follicles for use. The single implanted with larger front to back. Then the surgeon creates microstructural, into which a one hair follicles. After the implantation takes place infusion of stem cells drawn from the smiringodes the hair follicle, or adipose tissue.

During your first visit to the specialist will assess the problem of thinning of scalp and your medical history and discuss your problem and will listen to your expectations.

O Preoperative endocrine control can prove that the young people with alopecia have increased testosterone.

Postoperatively perfect feel both physical and psychological. There are no bandages on his head and you can bathe your hair gently the next day only the donor area after the 4th day around the head. The stitches in the donor area removed the 7-8th day, leaving absolutely no visible sign. You should also avoid any vigorous physical activity (gym, transporting heavy items) for at least a month.

6-7 months after the hair has grown up to 2.5 centimeters, and 10 months later is normal hair length as the other.

The method Transstem made in Greece, under the guidance of specific centers of Aesthetic Medicine & MEDIFIT metabolic control is the most successful and innovative method that currently exists in Europe, and promises 100% natural