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Topical Spironolactone in Europe


Hi there

I´m going to start a new hairloss regimen to see if i get results this time or not.

I first noticed hairloss at 21 years old, i´m now 26 but still have a full head of hair but it seems next year my hair will be worse ever so i was thinking to start a new regimen again. I quit it all toghether about 3 years ago but will try again this time and want to add spironolactone but i can´t find it in a european website.

So far i found Dr. Lee´s website and asked information about buying spiro but i´m always stubborn about buying things overseas.

Have some of you bought spiro overseas and didn´t have problems?
Do you know an european website that sells it?

Thanks for the help.

P.S: Btw i´m going to start Proscar,Nizoral and Minoxidil.