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Topical Finasteride using powder delivering micro-needles shows higher efficacy in promoting hair growth

Just came across this very interesting study thanks to another poster’s discussion about topical finasteride. Some key takeaways from this study:

  1. Use of finasteride powder as opposed to the traditional alcohol based solution.
  2. transdermal delivery using micro-needles
  3. One application every 3 days
  4. Fewer side effects than oral finasteride

This delivery mechanism has many things that we want, in particular, more efficacy and fewer side effects.


"Using implanted FNS powder as a reservoir inside the skin, this novel system permitted sustained release of the implanted FNS powder for 3 days with only one application of FNS-PCMs. In addition, compared with the topical FNS-gel, the developed system showed a higher efficacy in promoting hair growth and increased the amount and density of hair while addressing the safety concerns."

Credit and attribution:

Hmmm… I’m tempted to crush 1.5 mg. of fin into a fine powder with a mortar and pestle, add some minox foam and stir it up, spread on my scalp and micro needle it… any thoughts?

Good find, I can’t wait to stop oral finasteride entirely. But the study didn’t say what dose to use, how long do you think 1.5mg can last you?

The article is lacking a lot of important details.

@CueBallBob do you know what diffusion enhancer is and how does that work?

It says

<<<In addition, we introduced the concept of a diffusion enhancer for this system, which facilitated the dissolution and release of the implanted FNS powder to achieve its successful intradermal delivery.>>>

It’s not clear from the abstract if the so-called diffusion enhancer was superior (in terms of results) to microneedling without it, or better than topical gel application without micorneedling. In any case, you work with the tools you have, and there is at least anecdotal evidence that microneedling with minox works better than simply applying minox topically.

Perhaps “diffusion enhancer” is about sustained release that allows one application every 3 days , so if you don’t care about that, just dermarolling finateride powder will be good enough.

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