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Top 10 Hair Restoration Clinics of ALL TIME - worldwide

A new video to start the new year.

Top 10 hair restoration clinics of all time - compiled based on 10 years of patient result statistics in our forum, covering nearly 3,500 patient results and 80 clinics worldwide.

Alvi Armani Beverly Hills and Dr. Baubac are proud to be ranked the #1 Hair Restoration Clinic in the United States for a 5th consecutive year! https://youtu.be/y5iH0uU7MQk?t=755

Thank you Hairsite for your in-depth analysis.
We congratulate all the other clinics in the top 10 list.

We are proud to be the #1 clinic worldwide with the most successful results.
It is worth noting that we do NOT cherrypick results and do post all options that patients have made.
Its not just hairline, though we have excellent life transforming hairline works.
See results gallery
But one has to realize each patient has a different priority. For some crown may be a more important issue to address than giving a ultra-low hairline. For others global hair coverage may be important and/or they may lack scalp donor but have really great beard donor hair.

Dr A has, meanwhile, decided to make high quality hair transplant education available for young doctors entering the field. In the future look forward to many more doctors vying for the top 10 slot.

It’s been ten years already? am impressed that these clinics stuck around so long.

Ahh I’m confused. It was Armani that was ranked #1… so that are you talking about?

Alvi Armani #1 among all FUE clinics in the US, #2 overall worldwide according to our statistics.

I’m even more confused now. I checked out dr. A’s results and compared them with armani’s. Honestly it bewilders the mind to rank dr. A above armani. How is this possible?? Something is clearly out of left field here.

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