To the cult members

You are under the mistaken impression that you are attacked on hairsite because
we dont like change, we are brainwashed by shampoo, etc etc etc

The reason we attack the no shampoo guys is

YOUR LEADER has no regrowth, his pics show a NW7 guy with a shiny scalp
his photos are a joke

Do you think if you guys had bald before pics and the after pics showed significant regrowth, that we would not be interested? WRONG WRONG WRONG

guys here dont care what it is, they will try it, if its BEEN PROVEN TO WORK
if you had convincing photo evidence, guys here would hang upside down and massage pig guts into their scalp for an hour a night, THEY JUST WANT THEIR HAIR BACK

but they dont try regimens without EVIDENCE, STUDIES OR CONVINCING PROOF that a regimen works

do you guys have before photos of Lawrence, NOPE

why not?

doesnt matter really, the fact is , because you have no before photos ,
you have nothing

why does the before photo you have the blurry one, why was that posted along with the two after photos? There is ZERO REGROWTH between the photos so why post them?

You say he has regrown TWO INCHES around the sides, since he WAS SLICK BALD 10 yrs ago…but you have no photos for 10 yrs ago, Lawrence Cutslinger is a Liar Pure and Simple and you guys are the most gullible morons to ever walk the face of the planet.

You are attacked because you have nothing, no proof, not because we are so attached to shampooing

get a brain, morons

Give it a rest Baldin.
You’re challanging Maneless’s title Most Ignored Member.

» Give it a rest Baldin.
» You’re challanging Maneless’s title Most Ignored Member.

was that the wind I heard, ? nah must have been just the shutters banging against the wall