To Jessica or any of the other doctors regarding pubic hair

» » I cant see pubic hair taking on your scalp hair characteristics. This
» » might not be a great idea to get done.
» Apparently that is the problem with you JonnyE, you CAN’T SEE. I just saw
» two people with pubic transplants and none of them look like dickheads.
» The pubic hairs blend in beautifully with their other hairs.

I have very fine straight hair and every once in a while I will think I notice a pubic hair usually after applying minoxidil. I’d wager that someone would have to really know what they are looking for and be told so in order to find them. Other people just don’t care that much about “our” hair.

» I worked on a 3000 BHT pubic hair case where upon poor Dr. Cole had to
» worry about expelled gasses emitted from the area. Nelson and I looked at
» each other and felt bad for the patient.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

3,000 pubic hair transplant. Wow, was that all the hair they had down there? How did this result turn out?