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Thinking about growing my hair long


I might grow my transplanted hair long, just to see what it looks like. I might also need another session just to thicken things about a bit.


really sorry bout your situation, i dont think the top would be hard to fix, accept as i have that your going to live with some scarring, i would try and plant some beard in the upper scar and try and work the lower scar to create some laxity, and try a possible revision, i think mine was pretty close to yours, but i kept trying never gave up and ive improved, hope to do another revision next yr, juvista is going to stage 3 trials, so maybe another 1-2 yrs, the only docs doing beard is umar and arvind, which is very surprising, wish you the best


Scarred5, I’m just being sarcastic, but thanks for the kind works. Mawamba and Bisanga are also doing beard hair.


oh silly moi, right u r, damn theyre all so far, hoping for prp. would save me a bundle, plus my donor is spent