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Things to know, understand and ask when considering a hair restoration procedure


Hello all, so I am here to document my hair restoration procedure with DHI Global, I will be undergoing a procedure this week and I will be giving you all the information you need to decide if a hair restoration procedure is the choice for you; this will be my fourth hair restoration procedure with DHI Global and I am very excited to be improving my hair further.
For me having a hair transplant was originally a very easy decision as I knew I wanted hair and this was the best solution to give me the hair that I desired; the only option for me was to decide what clinic would give me the best result; but for certain people having a hair restoration procedure can be a more difficult decision, there are many factors that you need to consider I am here to give you that information.
What are the most important aspects to consider when having a hair transplant:
Great and natural result
Future hair loss and further procedures
Cost of my procedures
How I see my future

These are the most important questions you need to be asking; how will having hair impact upon your life. Will it generate financial success, family success, career success, partner success? For me I asked all of those questions and I believe for me to live the life of my dreams, having hair will help me to achieve all that I long for. I think will having hair give me the girl of my dreams, will having hair help me financially over my lifetime, will having hair give me the life that I long for and I believe it will help me achieve things that I want; however, there are people without hair and they have the life of their dreams too, and I am always delighted to see a person with no hair be successful as I then think if I had no hair I could have a life like that also, but I personally need hair, so I will do all that I can to have hair; on the other hand, I have a brother who is losing hair but is happy, and for me it is a great feeling to see my brother happy, whatever he decides.
But then if you do decide to have a hair transplant there are very important things to consider; Firstly would be which clinic to choose; I choose DHI Global as I really like the technique and technology they use and I always know I will achieve the best and most natural result possible. They use patented technology only available in DHI clinics and the result achieved is 100% natural and I am happy to know they will give me a great result.
The next very important factor to consider is density, as your hair loss progresses you will not achieve the density you once had, so you really need to consider, is it ok to have less density, for me density is very important and I need to have maximum density, especially at the front of my head; however I know that as my hair loss progresses having full density will not be possible with a hair transplant alone, so there are three options here, be happy with a lighter density, apply a concealor daily to achieve maximum density or a combination of hair transplantation and micropigmintation. I have chosen that density is very important, so daily I apply a concealor to my thinning and hair transplanted hair to achieve perfect density; however there are things that you need to consider with this, like applying a concealor daily, which takes only a couple of minutes, but needing to be applied daily; I have chosen this option and it gives me natural looking hair with the density I want.
The third thing to consider would be how many procedures am I likely to require and based on my donor area will I have enough donor supply to cover my entire scalp or are should I concentrate on the most important areas, for me this being the framing of the face; here you will need the advice of the surgeon but it will be important for you to ask the question and consider your hair loss for the future; DHI Global have always guided me in selecting the best hair transplant.
Another factor people consider is the cost and I know it can be a very important factor for some people; however you should be very careful in choosing your clinic and cost should be the least important factor but understanding it is important and part of your overall decision; I have always found DHI Global very helpful with price and always looking to work with the patient and the budget they have. If you are considering a hair restoration procedure, contact DHI Global and see if your hair transplant fits within your budget, usually they will work with you as best as possible, whilst always looking to give great results. Also, once you have a procedure with DHI Global, their previous clients always receive a discount, whilst always receiving the best result possible.
The next factor to consider is how I see my future, I see my future with hair and I want to achieve all that I can with hair; so for me the above factors are very important; you will need to remember that having a hair transplant there are things like density, future procedures and complementary products such as concealers and that maintenance to your hair is important; or there is the option to accept your hair loss and you need to decide what is best for you; the most important thing is be happy with you and your decisions. Life is short, make the choice that makes you happy and live the life of your dreams.
If you have any further questions about hair transplants, you can reply to me and I will give you knowledge in helping you make the decision for you and not for anyone else; I hope this has been helpful and I will keep you updated on my hair restoration procedure on 3rd and 4th of September which I am very excited about and I have the knowledge that DHI Global will once again give me the hair transplant that I want.


Do you work for DHI? Do you get compensation in any way?


Hi Joe, o wow, it is a pleasure to meet you; I listen to you often on The Hair Loss Show: The Bald Truth; I am trilled for you to know about me; I do not work with DHI but having been a previous patient I get a patient discount; I have now had four hair transplants with them.
You are giving some wonderful knowledge to the hair loss industry and me included; thank you so very much and it would be an honor for me to talk with you. I have known about you for a number of years now. Thank you for everything so far.
I would be honoured to meet and talk to you about moving into the hair loss industry and I am wondering if you could arrange a Skype meeting to discuss hair loss and everything associated with it.


Joe, my Skype is: Joseph.Feury; I am looking to become a full time international consultant; I have years of experience and knowledge to ensure people make the right decision to have a hair transplant or not; if we could please talk on Skype anytime you are free.
Thank you. Joseph