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The Wood's article and Joe the mentor's charity work - fraud or not?


Continuing the discussion from Need Help 6 procedures No Donor Left = Repair:
[Wood articleWood article.PNG1339x688 54.5 KB](http://Woods article.PNG1339x688 54.5 KB)

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this above is the patient’s testimonial of what is being committed by reputed doctors in USA too.


Can you just spell it out in plain simple English without being so cryptic ? Nobody knows what you are getting at.


Joe the mentor (is a so called CHARITY site) with a select doctor list BUT he does not take any money from anyone. And he has the same doctor’s name on his site.
So, I am exposing the frauds - plain and simple.

Now, which part of this can you not understand please.


I doubt very much that Joe is being paid by Dr. Woods. I don’t follow your overall point, if he is paid to promote doctors mentioned on his website, there’s nothing wrong with that, in and of itself.


I haven’t posted on this site in over a decade, but I still read it from time to time. I feel compelled to comment here as I believe Dr. A’s clinic is being disingenuous. In fact I remember his clinic, upon first advertising/posting on this site, used pictures of transplant patients from other clinics, and passed them off as his own work. (is that fraud?)

I remember that Dr. Woods work was reveled on this and other forums years before Dr. A had ever been heard of.

I also remember Joe Tillman aka: Jotronic, from his initial documentation of his repair work with Hasson and Wong. I have read hundreds of his posts over the years and have found his advice to be genuine and worthwhile.

I’m not going to post on this matter further. Take it from someone who started reading this forum over a decade ago, maybe two. Joe is, in my opinion, legitimate.


Dear Longtimer,

Is it you again, Jotronic???
Did you just created new ID (11hrs ago) especially for this reply???

Posted 11 hours ago Joined 11 hours ago Read 6m"

Again supporting a FRAUD!!!

Please stop misguiding general patient for the sake of money.

In 2003, internet and website designers were not considered very important in India.
At that time, a grateful patient made a website as a gift. It was called besthairtransplant.com.
The web designer randomly used to take pictures from anywhere.

The picture you are referring to was just one and that too there was no claim that we had done the procedure.
This was not Dr. Arvind Poswal’s mistake.

The moment he came to know about this he immediately created our new website www.fusehair.com
If you check now then he is having the most number of successful hair transplant results at present.

Infact, other doctors are using Dr. A’s Clinic’s results on their website

PROOF:-2nd row-middle one

And when we complain about this, they removed the result.

Please do not deviate from the mainstream. This is completely irrelevant.


Have you been drinking ?


Me neither. Besides, why the obsession with Joe ? Why is it ok for hairsite to have advertisers and not Joe?


This is a debate about who invented bht???

Why wait till now to claim that it was you who invented bht and not Dr. Woods? You accepted Dr. Woods as the inventor of bht for the past 10, 15 years or however long it has been, why wait till now to tell the world that it was actually you who invented bht?

Do you realize how absurb this sounds? All these years you didn’t even know it was you who invented bht?