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The VIDEO: Bald and scarred...The repair of Dr Umar patient "SO"


Patient SO has been discussed previously.

His VIDEO is now presented. The video is a better representation of how the patient appears in real life.


To view VIDEO , please click the following link:


Previous discussion on the patient’s photos is found on this link:

For more videos of SFET results click: http://www.youtube.com/user/DrSUmar

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Wondering if the video has changed the views of commanderfink, and other who were not impressed by the stills. I think the hairline choice of the patient is something that has not been seen on the boards, so the usual minds eye image of a great result doesn’t like what it sees. This guy had nothing left but body hair as a donor source, and as the video shows, was far more advanced in his hair loss than the stills represented. Given what he had to work with, an amazing result, whether a fan of the hairline or not.


Fantastic work!


The video is now embedded in the post

click PLAY to watch video



What a great transformation! The smile on the patient says it all.:slight_smile:


Simply sensational !! There is so much hope now for patients who once felt like there was no hope. We are all so thankful to Dr Umar for these great advances using body hair !!! What a great widow’s peak creation!!

17,000 body hair grafts - 2000 scalp hair grafts by Dr Umar


Wow, Dr. Umar by now I have seen enough repair work from you, I have to say you are probably the best repair doctor out there, the video is so professionally done, elaborate discussion plus intricate before and after layback to show the transformation, simply exquisite! Job well done with the video and the repair.