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The story of a hair transplant – Part 2 – Knowledge (research, techniques, analy


Are you considering a hair transplant, and then having knowledge is very important. There are many factors that you need to know and consider before really deciding if a hair transplant is for you. I am here to guide you and give you the knowledge of hair transplantation.
Firstly, there are different stages when you can decide to undergo a hair restoration procedure from the beginning of your hair loss cycle right up to the very end of your hair loss cycle, deciding when to undergo a hair restoration procedure or not is a personal decision in which certain factors can also play a part. Most frequently price would be a factor followed by suitability and results. There are a number of reasons why a person may not be considered suitable such as hair type, donor supply and expectations v reality. I personally, chose to undergo a hair restoration procedure towards the start of my hair loss cycle, as I did not want to experience a life with hair loss and over the years I continued to improve on my hair so that people were unaware of my hair loss. I will now be undergoing a fourth hair restoration procedure with DHI Global on 3rd and 4th September and I will be documenting my experience and results throughout the entire process for you to understand hair restoration and the options available.
If you are strongly considering a hair restoration procedure, you will need to understand that in general you are likely to require a number of procedures throughout your lifetime and that your density will not be like in your teens but with certain products available today your density can be achieved. I personally had three hair restorations procedures to date and my hair and density look similar to that of my teens, however, this is because I apply a concealor daily to achieve the maximum possible density.
Another very important factor in having a hair restoration procedure is to decide who should I select to do my hair restoration procedure, there are many different techniques and different clinics giving different results, based on technology etc; one of the most important decisions overall is to choose a hair restoration procedure that will give you a natural look with increased density in the most important areas; there are different techniques available in different clinics from strip, FUE to the DHI technique; I personally chose DHI Global to help me achieve the hair that I wanted and I have to say over the ten years of my hair loss they have helped me achieve a natural look. In this period I worked in three different jobs with no one being able to notice whether I had been losing hair; not to mention that I having had three hair transplants and should actually have no hair. Overall, selecting a clinic is one of the most important decisions as once you have a hair restoration procedure the transplanted hairs last a lifetime, therefore achieving a natural result is one of the most important factors.
Another highly important factor to consider is your lifetime of hair loss and the donor supply available to cover your hair loss, if there is a possibility of your donor supply not being suitable to cover your entire hair loss, you will need to consider if there are more important areas in which you would like to concentrate on; I along with most people would recommend to concentrate on framing your face and achieving a natural looking hairline and to not concentrate so much on your crown area, for the simple reason, the area you see daily is the frame of your face and this is the area others see, you do not see your crown unless there is a second mirror and others do not see your crown until you walk away, so overall I would highly recommend framing the face as best as possible, and bring back that framed look you once had.
I am also considering my hair loss for my future and I want to continue to have a lifetime of hair, therefore I need to manage my donor area so that I will have sufficient donor hair to cover my entire head and with the combination daily use of a concealor and hair transplantation I will be able to achieve a lifetime of hair.
When considering a hair restoration procedure the following are a list of important questions to ask:
Will I achieve a natural result?
What will my density be like?
Will I require further hair restoration procedures?
Will I have enough donor supply to cover my entire scalp? If not, where should I concentrate on?
Why should I choose your clinic?

Overall, with regards to hair restoration having knowledge about your situation, the options available to you, the density you will realistically achieve and the hair restoration technique you select to achieve the most natural results are very important, based upon my own situation, I chose DHI Global, you need to do your research, become knowledgeable and decide what is best for you.
I will be keeping you updated on my upcoming hair restoration procedure and giving you all the information you require in making the best decision for you.