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The process of the FUE hair Transplant at Hairmedico | Dr Arslan Musbeh


Here are the steps of the FUE hair transplant in Turkey in our Hairmedico center with Dr. ARSLAN Musbeh .
FUE Hair Transplant is a minimally invasive hair implantation technique with a very short recovery period and excellent results.
In our clinic, each case is analyzed individually by Dr. ARSLAN either by sending photos or by consulting the patient in person in Turkey, either during Dr. ARSLAN’s regular trips to Europe.

For a photo analysis, we ask patients to send us some good quality photos of the front line, top of the head, sides and back of the head. We ask not to use a flash for the photos, to use good natural light and not to take pictures too close up.

The donor area (hair at the back of the head) will then be evaluated to estimate the number of grafts that can be harvested to fill the baldness as much as possible. Be aware that the number of grafts remains an estimate and that this may change more or less depending on the new design of the new frontal line and the morphology of the head.
We then inform about the grafting method adapted to each case, the number of grafts and the estimated costs for this intervention.
Once the patient’s decision is made, we agree together on a date for the operation and organize the stay. To validate the date of the intervention, all you have to do is send us a copy of the plane ticket.

Process of the intervention Hair Transplant FUE:

-Your consultation, tracing of the areas to be grafted and planning of the intervention with Dr. Arslan. The drawing of the areas to be transplanted will be established by mutual agreement with the patient.

-Photos of the areas to be grafted will be taken for the documentation process and to analyze the postoperative result.

-The donor and recipient area may be partially or completely shaved.

-Local anesthesia by Dr. ARSLAN,

-The Extraction phase is performed by Dr ARSLAN in order to control the quality of the grafts, the scalp, estimate the rate of single double hair and define the diameters of the punches to be used.

-Stage of the incisions (opening of the canals) by Dr. Arslan himself.

-Graft placement by Dr. Arslan’s 2 assistants, trained exclusively for implantation and always under the supervision of Dr. ARSLAN.

A PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma prepared from your own blood) injection session will be done at the end of the operation.

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