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The King of Hairsite


Let us turn our discussion for a moment away from HM to an important announcement. Recognition of a true icon on this site.

As you all know, I am the self proclaimed GOD of hairsite. Only someone of my stature can announce the KING of hairsite.

So without further ado, The King is…Drum roll…HanginInThere!

Why is he the King? Like me, his statements are now being quoted on other sites. This is a truly remarkable accomplishment, above all else. Congratulations to Hangin for this amazing feat!

What will he do with his newfound fame? I suggest a spin off site: HanginsSite. There he will blast anyone who opposes him with such witty responses as “you’re a moron” and the classic “you’re an idiot”. His catchphrase can be: “You’ve been blasted”.

Thanks again Hangin, oh King of hairsite, for providing all of us “bald losers” with your enlightening information.

Good Day.


…and to think, in my deluded mind I thought I was the KING.


You’ve been overthrown by Hangin’s army of posts on this site.