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The hm forum is being destroyed hairsite


Hanging in there tries to destroy the HM forum.David the guy is getting on everyones nerves and mocks the very existense of a forum like this.Maybe he is not even interested but that does not mean he can destroy it for everybody.

If you care for this forum as much as the transplant forum you should take action.he is mocking everybody. He has been getting on everyones nerves and now he is fighting with everybody.

How serious this forum is has alot to do with the way its moderated.If he tries to break everyones nerves and pick up fights we will loose the meaning of this forum and it will be a constant fighting forum.

He has been doing it in many sections of this site and he constantly angers posters.Its his only intention…this time is different instead of dealing with this and talking about it we have to listen to this guy coming in every thread and posting that we are stupid and basically question the very existense of this section of Hairsite

Well many people like this section and believe in it or even hope for it.If you believe in what you have created for us you have to protect it.


I just asked him to stay away from the forum.


» I just asked him to stay away from the forum.

i just saw it.thank you