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The Hairsite moderator does not do his job and it\'s hurting us all

Hairsite is an amateurish moderator and he allows racist and personal attacks and it is going to cost us all if we don’t press him to start doing his job properly.

[quote][postedby]Originally Posted by jarjarbinx[/postedby]
Hairsite is an amateurish site moderator and he allows racist and personal attacks and it is going to cost us all if we don’t press him to start doing his job properly.[/quote]

Can you provide a link to these alleged racist attacks?

There are numerous racist/personal attacks at this site. It’s shameful. Some of the attacks against Dr. Nigam are racist/personal attacks. And the recent attack post by bugler is a racist attack against the Israeli people and it comes at a time when we are asking the Israeli people to share information with us. Hairsite allows the anti-Semite post to sit there in public. This makes it seem to Israeli people that the site is comfortable with deplorable anti-Semite attacks.

I am not re-posting the anti-Semite post by bugler. I am not touching it. If it is re-posted anywhere here then it will show up at more places here than it already does. It already shows up in one thread here and that is too many.

I think that vraf may have stopped posting. It appears that he took offense to the anti-Semite post by bugler.

I have been saying for years that the Hairsite moderator is an amateurish creep who allows personal/racist attack posts and other posters do not back me up on this issue and now we may have lost vraf due to the moderator allowing the personal/racist attack against Jewish people.

I am not saying that everyone here is racist. They are not. But we are not holding the Hairsite moderator’s feet to the fire and he himself apparently does not care enough to rid the site of these personal/racist attacks.

Hairsite knows which anti-Semite post I’m referring to and Hairsite knows the post is anti-Semitic.

Yeah I’d like to see a link too to the racist attacks. Anyway you get what you seed JarJar. If you don’t want people to insult you then it might be an idea to not do it yourself either…


  • I only insult people after they insult me.

  • What I’m saying is not really so much about me because there has not been one racist attack against me, although there have been personal attacks against me. Still, I know I have made personal attacks against a few other posters but that is only AFTER they first attacked me.

  • I have set up a thread for Vraf to discuss Pilox and I have agreed to not attack anyone in that thread as long as nobody attacks me first in that thread. So you say that I start the attacks well let’s see who attacks first and keep in mind that the person who starts the attacks in that thread could be responsible for driving vraf away.

  • I am not re-posting the anti-Semite post. It is already in one thread and it should not be there. If I re-post it then it will be in more places. I’m not touching the deplorable thing.

There is definitely an antisemitic post on the main forum by a fellow named “bugler” that I feel strongly should be taken down.

I’ve read a bit of his posting history. He has a long one of antisemitic baiting and nonsense. I would even go so far as to recommend he be banned. We don’t need that kind of trash on here (or anywhere, really).

Here it is. http://www.hairsite.com/hair-loss/forum_entry-id-125252-page-0-category-1-order-time.html

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