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The Hair Twin Sporation Phenomena

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I think if you have the hair thickness then you have great hair restoration results as hair grafting …

You really can’t overestimate the capacity people have for fooling themselves…


Do you need glasses ?
Do you have a degree from University ?
Do you have some interests with some Physicians/Labs/companies etc ?


JamesBond where are you ?
debris ?

Did we lose Brian Shelton ?!

Waseda ?!!

Dr. Gho ?!

Dr. Cotsarelis ?!

CueBallBob I dont hear you !!!

I think Amilcar forgot to take his medication again.

No, I don’t mean the hair loss medication. I mean that “other” medication he needs.


You need to read some papers what a POC is.
What Gho does ? A 2-3 fold factor in ‘vitro’.
I am sharing a result of 2-fold factor in vivo and here you are making an idiot’s reaction.
I dont recognize your attitude anymore, have you gotten yourself involved with some circuits of interests such as labs lately ?


I dont hear you Roger_that !!!
Have you lost your voice ?!!!


I understand you lost completely the scientific arguing.
Show respect and never speak to me with such tone again.
You have to recognize everywhere that I defeated you now (since you took it as a fight).


Hello @ll,

I did not intend to speak this way but some contributors were surprisingly vulgars/impolite and deviated from the subject matter. I think this deviation from our subject, i.e., Hair loss/MPB/FPB/ecsema, etc., is calculated. I have seen such hostile behaviour years ago against some old forumers who focused on the perspectives of the research instead of being slaves of some consortium or labs or strip butchers which I hear is still given despite progresses in micro grafts transplants.

Roger_that and other science aware forumers you will be accountable in a court of law soon for every desperate bald subjects who surrenders to the false pledges and information that is published in a mainstream website such as HS and God knows we lost many due to propaganda advertises…

Amilcar,your the last person who should be calling anyone an idiot on this forum,your stupid posts of your bald scalp and your worthless remedies and so called expertise on hairloss are the ramblings of a complete fool.

More than likely he just doesn’t to respond to you,it’s almost impossible to have a sensible or wothwhile dialogue with someone who comes across as an idiot who thinks he has superior knowledge,like most idiots do.

I was not discussing with you.
You can go read some texts.

I used to have discussions with ppl like Shelton so you can brush your teeth and go to bed.

Keep calm.

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