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The first ever documented before and after hair transplant video from 1996!

Those who are familiar with my case will know that I had 3 surgeries for mini and micro grafts in the UK in 1996,97 and 1998 for around 450-500 grafts each time. I have been able to document what I looked like through photos after these 3 sessions via my pics at Hasson & Wong immediately before surgery to repair the mess. But here is something new…

I have had several 8mm camcorder tapes that I have been meaning to look at from a camcorder that was chewing everything and these tapes have not been reviewed for probably 17 years as I wasn’t able to play them. Well last week I got these tapes back converted into digital format as well as being able to reminisce over my youth and watch my hair disappearing from the years of 1993 (age 20) to 1997 at the end of one of the tapes was some filmed close up footage of me inspected my first hair transplant in 1996. The first segment of the video is 10 days post op after 450 mini and micro grafts. It is incredible to see how sparse these grafts were placed and how unnatural they look with the hairs packed tight into the incisions which resulted in them growing in all different directions.

At the time the grafts were placed above my native hairline and were hidden once grown out to a large degree it was only once my native hair receded and thinned further that it all came into full view.

The second part of the video is probably several months later as the hairs have grown I can’t be sure of the timeline here. The final part of the video is at a new property that I was at so I can place that in 1997 and the grafts have grown and I would say it is the one year result we are looking at.

I have removed the sound as I am generally mumbling nonsense which is barely audible I remember watching live what I was filming on a tv and being shocked and horrified and in one of the videos you can see that I am sweating on my forehead with the worry of what I am seeing with my own eyes.

I think I am correct in saying that this is the oldest before and after video documentation that is available online.

Apologies for the poor camera work but this was a due to me filming it myself and the quality of my Sanyo Camcorder at the time.

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