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Switching from Finasteride to Dutasteride


I am taking Finasteride for 6 years and my hair loss is a lot worse since last year :frowning:
I’ve read that Dutasteride drug is approved for hair loss treatment in Japan.
I am considering to start using it instaed of Finasteride, however I can’t get a prescription for it.
Can you recommend a reputable source to buy Dutasteride from ?


Do you go to the bathroom often ? If you do, you can tell your doctor you want Dutasteride for frequent urination and he may give you a script for this and you get the side effects of potential new hair growth.


I am not sure how big a difference you will see by switching to Dutasteride. Very rarely do I hear people saying that they see a huge improvement while using Dutasteride in comparison to Finasteride. Talk to more people to make sure that Dutasteride is what you need.


Have you checked Dutasteride side effects? Finasteride may affect the accuracy of PSA prostate cancer screening, will Dutasteride compound the problem further?


@impreza123 here’s the answer to your question, watch Dr Jones’ video from this link, Didn’t realize Dr Ball had undergone a HT, how many more HT doctors have had work done?

Even Dr. Jones said he is taking Dutas himself, maybe you can ask him for a script ! :slight_smile: