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Surgical hair loss prevention?!?!


Hello all,

We all know that the best surgical treatment option for bald patients is hair transplantation.(FUE & FUT)

Unfortunately hair loss prevention methods are mostly, medical than surgical. The only surgical prevention method is derma roller or modified derma roller. The success with this is controversial due to superficial treatment and uncertainty of reparative tissue generation in the important area that is --hair bulb.

Our method addresses the problems . In our method we don’t use circular punch . The punch will be 1/8 or 1/4 or 1/2 circle in shape. The side walls are beveled and sharpened to cut sharp than tear the tissue.

The punch is inserted in a oscillating hand piece to achieve oscillating movements.This causes an arc shape pof the cut around the hair follicle.

Three possibilities can occur.

  1. The punch creates a longitudinal cut along the hair shaft and creates an arc shape cut around the bulb of the hair follicle.

Due to regenerative potential and scar formation ,less edema on the bulb etc, that particular hair follicle becomes resistant to balding.The blood and nutrient supply is not compromised due to the fact the cut is partial not complete.

  1. In the second possibility due to the angulations of the hair shaft etc hair follicle is transected above the geminal area which prevents donor follicle damage.

3.In a third possibility the bulb of the follicle is transected horizontally . This in vivo transection causes hair multiplication or hair regeneration . this may cause donor doubling ( every HT surgeons dream)

our concept is only theoretical. the practical implementation and evaluation of the concept is under investigation. interested researchers can evaluate this.it is in a patent pending status .if you come across similar patents kindly inform us.
thanking you