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Sure Hair Transplants 4200 grafts: STRIP + ARTAS ROBOTIC FUE


Hi Everyone:

I have been an avid fan of the Hair Loss Forums for years and have been working with Sure Hair Transplants since 2008. I am an old poster on here and other sites and am happy to finally be back and be apart of the community.

I have been working with Sure Hair Transplants located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to get our online catalog available to the public. You can visit our video catalog site on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Surehair/videos

This is post is for two reasons: 1) To introduce one of our patients and work here - this is a 4200 STRIP Surgery on a nw 6 --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yORkaZXZFgk

  1. Today I wanted to simply introduce our work and also mention that since early 2013 we have been quietly doing ARTAS FUE and have gotten quite good at the speed. We are currently doing 3000-4000 ARTAS FUE (i.e. 6500-10,000 hairs) grafts per surgery in one day and I believe we are offering a very very competitive price as we feel that due to the speed in which we can harvest and plant the grafts that we should be saving the consumer on cost.

Under 1000 FUE = 8 Dollars per graft
1000-1500 FUE = 7 dollars per graft
1500-2500 = 6.5 dollars per graft
2500-3500 = 6 dollars per graft
3500 + FUE = 5 dollars per graft.

I welcome any and all comments and look forward to being a forum member.

I have quite a few FUE surgeries and will update this in the coming days. Look for it in another thread.