Sunrise - 4012 FUHT + 46 beard graft update

Dear forum readers,

FUSE techniques allow use of additional donor hair from various areas of the body.
As a result of increased donor hair availability, it is possible for patients with extensive hairloss to go for youthful hairlines.

Sunrise is one such case.

I shall detail the plan decided for him (the patient’s inputs and choice are factored in this).
I think this will be educational for other hairloss sufferers.

Sunrise is in his 20s and his thinning pattern indicates that he will likely progress to NW 5/6 stage.

He had 2 options. He could go for

  1. a conservative hairline with deep temple recessions,
  2. a lower, broader youthful hairline.
    The lower hairline will mean that he will need more donor hair.

He has a wide forehead and a large head.
Strip FUHT alone will not suffice to provide him with all the donor hair he may need in future.

His first HT consisted of a full length strip FUHT procedure (4012 grafts).

At the same session, we performed a complimentary 46 beard hair grafts for him to evaluate the growth and healing of the beard donor hair.

The grafts were used to recreate the hairline and front top areas.

Sunrise is happy with the progress overall.
At 6 months, his face is framed the way he wanted, his beard donor area healing is excellent and he has options for the future should his hairloss progress.

Dr. A

Donor area picture after 6 months

At 6 months, we expect 50 to 60% growth of the transplanted hair. The coming 6 months will further improve the density and coverage.