Study shows that keratinocyte-derived exosomes can activate HFSCs and induce hair growth

Exosomes Derived from Fisetin-Treated Keratinocytes Mediate Hair Growth Promotion.

" … fisetin induced the secretion of exosomes from HaCaT cells, which activated β-catenin and mitochondria in hair follicle stem cells (HFSCs) and induced their proliferation… these results revealed the existence of exosomes as the molecular basis of keratinocyte-HFSC interaction and showed that fisetin, along with its effects on keratinocytes, caused exosome secretion, thereby activating HFSCs."


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@Pats205 I think Dr Baubac needs to see this , doesn’t Dr Baubac offer exosomes? Now more proof that exosomes does help hair growth?