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Strip Vs. FUE and doctor reviews


I had two surgeries in my life. First a strip surgery with dr. alan feller in 2012 and then a FUE surgery with dr. Kayihan Sahinoglu of mediart clinic in Turkey, First I would like to begin my saying that no one should get a strip surgery, ever! Fue is so successful and so much less pain associated that it would be the biggest mistake of your life if you were to choose strip over fue.

With that being said, I went about my online research and ignored people who said go to turkey they have much more experience there the price is better and they will pay better attention to you since going there is the sole purpose of your trip; and to get the best Hair transplant money can buy.
When I met with Dr. Feller in 2012 for my hair transplant he was adament that my hair type was not the best type for a few type surgery AND that through the use of the strip technique the hairs had a better hold rate once transplanted and I would retain more of the transplanted hair that way as oppose to the FUE method.
Upon taking Dr. fellers advice, I chose to get the surgery, big mistake. He cuts a scar approximately 16 inches long from one temple to the other behind the head which hurts and is numb for months or even years in some cases and transplants a measly 1900 hairs. SO SAD. because you don’t relaize these things till after the procedure. The hairs were also spaced too far apart giving a real low density appearance. the whole procedure was completely worthless.

Three years later I go to Dr. Kayihan Sahinoglu and for a quarter of pain and expenditure I got a 12,0000 hair (5,000 appx graft transplant) and it was done FUE so the back of my head is beautiful just the ugly scar that shows from my strip surgery. DONT GET STRIP. FUE IS THE BEST and the real importance is the doctor you choose the second doctor I got from word of mouth recommendation I sent him my pictures and he talked to me on the phone. After which I flew in and he worked on my head for TWO full days 6am to 4pm. Monday and tuesday. My results are phenomenal. I am 3 weeks out from this surgery and I can see the difference right from the beginning. I am no longer bald or even close to it. Thanks to my 12,000 hair mega session with Dr. kayihan Sahinoglu. He even gave me the option to put hairs into the strip to cover it but i preferred to have those hairs go up to since you can see the strip when the hairs grow in, but he paid extra attention to the extraction of the hairs near the strip scar so as not to expose it later down the line. very caring and compassionate team at mediart!:smiley:


and yes I am able to meet! don’t get scarred by dr alan feller of great neck


my apologies for the typos it is non editable . few(fue), my(by)


Very unusual cause I thought Dr. Feller has good reputation as a strip doctor.


Do you have any photos?