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Strip Surgery - The Risk of a Widened Scar and Traction Alopecia


Of course it’s really up to a patient how far he wants to go in the strip scar repair process. The following is an example of the risk involved in having a strip surgery. We see a lot of strip scars both narrow and wide. One thing they all have in common is, they always show, even jump out at you when the area is shaved. FUE, even done properly can show white dotting on a shaved head, but compared with strip, there are some cases where FUE extraction sites are not noticeable on a shaved head. It’s far easier to eliminate hypopigmented FUE dots than it is to eliminate a strip scar. The hair on the back and sides of a person’s head where the donor hair is taken has a natural gradation of hair caliber and hair direction. When a strip is cut out and the skin is sutured back together, the natural gradation is lost. This leads to an abrupt contrast that becomes visible on a shaved head with even the finest strip healing. When dissimilar hair caliber and hair direction are married, this is irreparable. Strip also causes traction alopecia ranging from very mild to severe.