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Strip Surgery Caused Necrotic Area the Size of an Ear - Successfully Treated With Beard FUE


Dr. Cole’s patient originally had flap surgery with another doctor that was relatively successful. In other words, it wasn’t the complete disaster we commonly see. It wasn’t until a later strip surgery with another doctor that more serious troubles began. The strip incision above the ear led to a large area of necrosis or death of tissue. Dr. Cole successfully treated the area with 304 beard hair grafts. Dramatic improvement and our patient is here today to add more grafts to this area. So yes, hair does grow in scar tissue.


This looks great, he must be over the moon with this result. He could be my twin, my scars were exactly the same

Does he plan any further work? The growth looks 100% is this directly due to hypothermasol or another holding solution?.

What is the average yeild with beard? this guy looks to be pretty much sorted with one pass

Excellent result