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Stopped by Customs!


Hey guys, long time lurker. About 2 years ago I ordered generic dut and fin from dr reddy but it was intercepted by US customs. i lost $200. I hadn’t ordered more than 3 months worth so I wasn’t sure why they stopped it.

I don’t have a prescription through any doctor right now (and in my experience most docs would not give an off-label script for dut) so I’m stuck ordering over the internet. Is it safe for me to try overseas again or should I stick with a US site like medicalwellnesscenter?

It’d be much cheaper going through Dr. Reddy, so if I could swing that I’d do it.


How did you know it was intercepted by US customs?


» How did you know it was intercepted by US customs?

i got a letter in the mail from them saying it was intercepted and if i wanted to discuss the matter to give them a call, but they were not going to give the packages to me. so it was a loss. i was under the impression we could order overseas prescription meds in 3-month supplies?


If you were in the foreign country, you may be able to bring some back to the U.S., but if you can’t get those drugs in a U.S. pharmacy without a prescription, why do you think you can legally have them delivered to your door without a prescription?

Plus, I don’t know if Propecia is off patent now in the U.S., but I really doubt that Dut is, so you can’t legally buy generic Dut in the U.S. either.

Again, if pharmacies are not allowed to carry generic Dut, you can’t legally “send out” for it any more than you can legally receive marijuana shipped from Holland.