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Stock advancing

How are they applying nucleic acid therapeutics?

It’s 10 years away. Unless you can enrol in one of their trials.

And 20 millions is not that much these days

I agree. The technology involved is as much as 10 years away. It certainly won’t hit the market for at least 7 or 8 years and by then other breakthrough treatments will be in the marketplace.

From what I’ve seen of the results allergan doesnt look good. Theyre not night and day. Not unlike histogen, I’m not impressed at all.

Allergan is a HUGE pharmaceutical company with a market cap of $60.71 billion. Their resources are almost unlimited in the pharma/biotech sector so that’s why I trust them…they don’t make investments that aren’t serious.

Not to put Histogen down, but they are a tiny struggling company that has been tiny and struggling for a very long time…

Huge capital doesnt impress me or anyone, results do. Histogen and Allergan are both one and the same with no eye-popping results. Disappointing.

Well, Dr Gail Naughton founded Histogen in 2007, and they did show some microscopic photos of new follicle formation early in their history, but nothing since.

Allergan did a deal with Exicure for a treatment that is newly discovered.

Interesting that Histogen has been around 13 years with no big investments to show, but Exicure and Dr Terskikh’s treatment are new and suddenly he’s making deals with a pharmaceutical giant.

No, I haven’t seen any tangible proof from him yet either, but chances are that a company that big demanded some kind of proof and got it.

I haven’t heard anything about Terskikh in quite awhile. What’s the latest on him?

Where are the results then? Like I said, they can be bigger than Apple. If theyre that big, expectations are even more so; since theyre making mega million dollar deals their results cannot be less than amazing which historically have been lackluster to say the least. Hugely doubt that level of outcome.

The best we got now experimentally is work in japan which really isnt a cure per se as hair multiplication will aid the HT industry, not replace it.

See the press release on the link below from June 27, 2019 (scroll down).
Dr Terskikh also scored a deal with Allergan.


You want to know if this is for real watch the volume, price and who is investing. It may be real or it may be a dud. However, there is probably a little hope here!

Thats fine. They also poured millions into Histogen also. Again lackluster results. Results speak for themselves not $$$ in investing.