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Steve Carell


Gee, what a magical transformation.


Going by those pictures I don’t think he had any work done or is wearing a toupee. In the before picture he has gell or something in his hair and it’s combed back. In the after picture it’s dry and parted on the left. When you part your hair on the left or right and comb it over you are doubling the density because you have hair going over hair. When you comb it straight back you lose this affect. Just my two cents.


Are you kidding me man…

The left temple/zone 1 has basically 3 hairs hanging on!!!

Gel no gel there isnt any hair!

Then look at the lower part of zone 1 in the first “before” pic…

There are hardly any hairs!!!

Maybe by the other pics its less obvious and debatable (MAYBE)… but that first pic is just very tough to argue that NOTHING was done

Very tough




if ever he losses those hairs again, he should turn to God. Hello Evan Almighty.

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» Are you kidding me man…

No, I’m not kidding you man. This person isn’t a celebrity but it gives you an idea of how combing wet hair back vs combing dry hair left to right makes a huge difference. The pictures are date stamped so you can tell they were all three taken on the same day.