Stemson and Aderans signed exclusive hair regeneration licensing deal

Stemson Therapeutics and Bosley Parent Company, Aderans, Sign Exclusive Hair Regeneration Licensing Deal | Business Wire

Aderans is the parent company of Bosley and Hair Club with vast network across United States.

Key takeaway from this article:

“Stemson, a leader in developing a proprietary cell therapy technology for reversing hair loss based on induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC), gains a complementary technology through this agreement. Stemson will resume Aderans’ Phase 2 clinical stage cell therapy hair regeneration program, integrate the technology into its existing hair loss cell therapy development pipeline, and provide multiple products for patients experiencing hair loss.”


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Oh no, here we go again. I’m always skeptical of “exclusive partnerships” and of course anything that involves Aderans or Bosley. Been there, done that, and it was a disaster. Why try to revive something that crashed so badly?

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What happened? I’ve never heard of Aderans till now. Did they have a technology that failed?

@Roger_that1 the idea of the partnership is probably for Stemson to take advantage of Bosley’s network of hair transplant clinics, once Stemson has a proven product, they can push the product through Bosley’s existing network. That I think is the most likely scenario.

:+1: agreed

the link clearly says " through this agreement. Stemson will resume Aderans’ Phase 2 clinical stage cell therapy hair regeneration program"

Agree. I don’t thinks what they are offering works or will take years to complete. They are hoping to get something going that maybe a little better than Finasteride to show some profit! He stated that Aderans solution will be limited.

@Speck Stemson is adding another product to their pipeline, not abandoning or combining their existing research with Aderans into one product, so there will be more choices for the consumer, that’s how I interpret this.