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Stem cells


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if this is true, this could be one of the best clues hairloss research has ever found. If they truly found how balding manifests and they can reproduce the process, this really sets them up for reverse engineering. The next step is to try and determine why it generally affects only a certain part of the scalp (leaving a horseshoe pattern).


Here’s a link to a summary of Dr. Fuchs’ study from the “Cell” journal…


James, with respect to what determines the horseshoe pattern of hairloss in most men, it would have to be some gene being expressed in the balding areas but not in the non-balding areas. Drs. Cotsarelis and Garza have already researched this and they found that the PGD2 Synthase gene fit this profile. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the only gene that fits this profile, but I believe that’s the only one, or the most significant one, that Cotsarelis and Garza could find.


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