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Starting Fin - prefer to start on smaller dose


Hi everyone,
been reading the posts here for quite a while, but I’ve decided to bite the bullet and start on finasteride.
I’d like to reduce the chances of side effects, and also, to reduce the chances of Reflex Hyperandrogenicity - I’ve come to understand that flooding the body with an anti-androgen can cause the body to compensate in the short term. (Has anybody experienced this phenomenon?) It seems the best way to minimise the chances of these two things happening is to begin taking fin at smaller doses, or to taper on. I was wondering for how long, and at what amounts should I begin? Halves, or even quarter doses? And for weeks or months?

One more thing - I’ve come across a huge list of recommended blood test on propeciahelp.com If I had to choose just up to half a dozen, which would be the best?


I’ve been prescribed to take Fin 1mg per day and I take it every day for already 2 months. The dosage can depend on the severity of your hair loss. Possibly 0.5 or even 0.25 could be enough for you, but I think it is better to discuss this moment with your doctor.

I was also afraid of side effects of this medication, but fortunately, I haven’t suffered from any. As I’ve heard any side effects that can occur, pass on through some time. So there is no need to worry about this.