Spencer Kobren interviews Stemson CEO

When was this video made? It looks like an older video. Stemson has had their treatment in pig studies for quite some time already, at least a year…maybe longer. This tells me they’re having trouble in the pig studies and they’re not going to human studies in the near future. It does seem odd to me though that they’re having problems in the pig studies because they were able to make complete hair follicles/shafts with the Alex Terskikh tech they’re using. I don’t understand why they’re stumbling but it’s obvious that they are stumbling.

December 2021 at the Global Hair Loss Summit

I think some of it may have to do with density and spacing. If you look at the mouse tests, the animals had thick clumps of human hair that looked unnaturally thick. Looks like they’re trying to get an evenly spaced look that’s a bit less dense and more natural, and doesn’t have follicles looking like they’re growing into one another. To do that, they have to perfect the scaffolds.