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Some questions for Dr Woods (15 May 2014)

Dr. Woods, you have already done some major pioneering work in developing better hair transplant techniques. On another thread (which was originally posted on the HM and Stem Cell Treatments thread), where you showed some of your recent FUE work, I responded complimenting your work but I offered some of my ideas about how HT and FUE are limited in potential to restore hair.

You suggested that I might think about an “upgrade”, possibly considering HT to improve my appearance. Fair question. But since we’re speaking of upgrades, I have a few questions and ideas which you may want to consider.

Do you have any interest in “upgrading” or taking your own work a step further by pursuing stem cell research and cell-based hair transplants? Are you able to get a permit to perform such research or clinical work in Australia?

What do you think of the recent research (2013) by Drs. Christiano and Jahoda in dermal papilla cell cultures, and the recent discoveries by Dr. Xu (January 28, 2014, University of Pennsylvania) concerning hair follicle stem cells? What is your opinion of Dr. Nigam’s work in the field of cell-based hair regeneration?



whoa…I should not have messed with roger…but saying the coverage is minimal etc is a tad unfair.

NEO looks much better and feels much better.

I infilled the temples, gave a consistent hairline and took the shine off the crown with a lousy 1500 grafts…Of course it is not a full head of hair, but he has a nice coverage… .

Certain angles on photos will make it look like a full head of hair.

Other angles under lights will be less flattering, and roger picked that up. And I Did it deliberately using video so no one is misled. And I am critisised for being transparent and honest.

Please roger, hammer all the other doctors who present photos, or highly produced videos which tend to show very little of what is really going on.

There is no need for that unless they are hiding something.

As for splitting a SINGLE follicle , and then claiming 2 new follicles grow…that is plain BS.

As for isolating stem cells, thats possible, but injecting into the skin means you cannot control directionality and you get masses of ingrown hair and infection, ultimately requiring surgical excision and ugly scars.

Can you scatter stem cells in a petri dish and get them to grow like alfalfa…thats the ultimate goal, but I havent seen it.

Dont forget, to carry out this kind of work requires many experts and staff in cellular biochemistry, genetics, etc etc and requires massive facilities, equipment and multimillion dollar funding.

If a HT doc, who has an office with basically a suture kit, swabs , scalpel blade and a sterilizer starts making claims of stem cell breakthroughs, while at the same time enticing patients for surgery, drawn by this "scientific research credibility " …sorry if I am sceptical, but I believe it to be a ploy.

When I see Dick Cheney, Prince William, Kevin Spacey, Burt Reynolds, Jude Law , Travolta, Vin Diesel, the rock, and countless other mega rich and powerful suddenly sporting miraculous growth…then its happening.

But it aint happening . One of the major growth industries is the chinese government harvesting and selling organs on the world market…of healthy middle class people who dared oppose the police state…their organs are keeping billionaires around the world alive, corrupt, and kicking.

Basically, hair is small potatoes…or beer… im not sure
Billions are probably poured into this research for stem cells and organs and squat actually happens to the general public… the miracoulous cure of MICHAEL DOUGLAS from advanced throat cancer raises questions.

Back to the point, I have seen many doctors claiming research , developement, breakthroughs, etc, but ultimately, this was the the worm on the hook enticing you for standard, ol fashion HT surgery

But we live in hope. All that is claimed is possible.

Dr Ray Woods

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